New Shows

From the highly anticipated Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the low-brow Dads and all of the super teens, headless horsemen and star-studded sitcoms in between, we've got a comprehensive look at everything you should check out -- or avoid.

Daily Viewing Guide

More shows than ever before, still so little time. Here's what's worth watching, DVRing, catching online or skipping for every hour of primetime.

Widescreen Whimsy

Ron Burgandy stays classy, Amy steps to Adam, old dogs hit Vegas, Sly holds a grudge and more.

Returning Shows

From the resolutions to huge cliffhangers to new timeslots to fresh twists for reality TV favorites, we've got the scoop on what to expect for over 55 returning series.

Big Screen Blockbusters

There's no shortage of sequels, action flicks and family fare this fall, including the return of Thor, Katniss, and Bilbo Baggins, a Jack Ryan reboot, and gravity-defying astronauts.

Oscar Contenders

Will Tom Hanks score that third Oscar? Can David O. Russell American Hustle up his first? Can Marty and Leo hold off Clooney's Monuments Men? Regardless, audiences may be the biggest winners.




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