Hold Onto Your Light Cycle: <i>Tron</i> is Back

A remake of Disney's groundbreaking Tron has been rumored for a long time. As computer graphics improved by leaps and bounds in the years since 1982, it seemed natural to some that there'd be an effort to "reimagine" the original with spiffier animation. As far back as 1999, ZDNet cited an anonymous source as saying "[Pixar] was trying to decide whether to remake the original or create a sequel." This left some fans feeling a little uneasy. The possibility of a remake left a lot of room for capitalizing on nostalgia while paying it no respect. Last September, The Hollywood Reporter announced that a new movie was officially in the works, noting that it was being called "'the next chapter' of Disney's 1982 cult classic." Last night, Comic-Con attendees got confirmation: The new Tron is, indeed, a sequel. And even better, Jeff Bridges is back to star in it.

The casting news is such a surprise that, as of 8:00 this morning, Bridges' IMDB page doesn't even have him listed as a rumored cast member. That's when you know something is really hush-hush. Some actors do no more than walk by a trash can containing a crumpled sheet from a script and suddenly they're listed as the star of a movie.

A Comic-Con report from IGN describes "a Light Cycle chase" across a "a multiplane, cyber-reality gaming level." The action is being controlled remotely by Bridges' Kevin Flynn character. Flynn appears to be quite menacing in the trailer, using his light cycle to viciously take out an opponent. You see what happens when you spend too much time on the computer?

Tron 2 breaks into reality in 2010. Stick close to your computer for updates! [But not too close. - Zach]




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