<i>Scott Pilgrim</i> vs. Old-School Video Games: A Reference Guide

It's clear by now that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (a movie based on a comic book series that is inspired by video games and now has its own video game) is a typical nerd's wet dream. I wouldn't be exaggerating by saying that for some people, it's become a means of coping with the fact that there's about another 11 months until the next San Diego Comic-Con. One geektastic aspect of the movie is the obvious (and some not-so-obvious) references to video games, particularly some of our favorite classic 8-bit, pixilated and side-scrolling games of the '90s. In celebration of our nostalgia, here's some of our favorite gaming moments from the film.

Scott's Band, Sex Bob-omb
Taking its name from the walking bombs first seen in Super Mario Bros. 2, Scott's band does have another thing in common with one of Mario's nuisances: while the bob-ombs are mostly bad, they are sometimes good, such as the bob-omb buddy that helps Mario open cannons in Mario 64. But for the most part, they suck.

Killing Gets You Coins & A Life
When any of the evil exes are defeated by Scott, they turn into coins, a popular occurrence in older video games like Super Mario Brothers. Another ode to Super Mario is when Scott scores an extra life after beating twin brothers Kyle and Ken Katayanagi. Why can't all of our exes turn into something slightly less annoying, like those Sacagawea dollar coins? Although, in a sense, we do get our lives back.

Scott's Ex's Band, Clash at Demonhead
A less-obvious reference is the name of the band fronted by Scott's ex Envy Adams, which comes from Clash at Demonhead, the first video game ever owned by Scott Pilgrim comic book creator Bryan Lee O'Malley. (Another band in the movie is named Crash 'n the Boys, which was also the name of another old Nintendo game.) So if you parents ever have doubts about your kids (and slacker young adults) getting too wrapped up in the World of Nintendo, O'Malley is a gamer success story.

Scott's Favorite Pac-Man Pick-Up Line
While trying to impress his high-school girlfriend Knives Chau, Scott tells the story about how Pac-Man came to America and was originally called Puck Man, but the name changed in fear of people vandalizing the game to reveal a less friendly title. He wows Knives with this lame anecdote, but can barely get through the story for an unimpressed Ramona Flowers the first time he meets her.

Ramona Flowers and her Massive Mallet
To help Scott defeat Ramona's bi-furious ex Roxy Richter, she uses a gigantic hammer (think a more lethal version of the Whack-A-Mole one), similar to the one used by Mario in the first Donkey Kong arcade game. Can't wait to see the inevitable injuries caused by all of the Ramona Flowers Halloween costumes this year.

Random Disconnected Doors to Subspace
In a couple of scenes, Ramona takes Scott through a door with a star on it that's not connected to any building -- it just stands there in the middle of a wide-open space. It turns out those doors are subspace portals, and at least one of them leads through Scott's head, which explains why he kept seeing her in his dreams. Mario is always going through doors -- some of them with stars on them -- that take him to different levels and even dimensions. Who knew he was in Scott Pilgrim's head all this time?

A More Bad-Ass Dance Dance Revolution
Throughout the film, Scott and Ramona are seen playing a fictional version of the once-popular dance game DDR called Ninja Ninja Revolution, in which you are (surprise!) a ninja. Like DDR, NNR has foot pads where you can run along rooftops, do cooperative moves and jump from tree to tree. We have never wanted to play a video game so badly in our lives.

What was your favorite video game moment from Scott Pilgrim -- the book or the movie? Or any other movie, for that matter? Let us know below, then check out our guide to who's who in the film!

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