Mulder Tested, Scully Approved

by Kasey McDonald July 24, 2008 11:40 am
Mulder Tested, Scully Approved

So, we only have one day left (unless you're going to the midnight showing tonight, which I am not because I am old and can't stay up that late anymore) before we all get to find out whether or not the X-Files movie is going to suck. For those of us who are hardcore fans, it's a bit of a sticky wicket. On the one hand, I've heard from an X-Phile friend "if it sucks or does badly in theaters, it serves them right for beating the show into the ground its last two years." On the other, I think, are the rest of us who really just want to see the franchise do well against everything else that's currently in theaters. (And I don't know if you've heard, but that Batman movie's doing pretty okay.)

Chris Carter’s Other Secret Movie

by Kasey McDonald June 26, 2008 11:04 am
Chris Carter’s <i>Other</i> Secret Movie

You may recall several months ago when we at The Moviefile reported on the upcoming X-Files film and noted that writer/director Chris Carter was keeping plot details from the film so tight that crew members were only allowed to read the script in a video-monitored room. Now Carter seems to be delving even deeper into life as a secret squirrel: he's keeping the fact that he's directing a new film entirely under wraps. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story today that Carter is already halfway through directing Fencewalker, a dark drama starring Natalie Dormer, Katie Cassidy (David Cassidy's daughter!) and Xzibit. The film, currently shooting in L.A., is rumored to be a coming-of-age, semi-autobiographical (the longest word I've typed in five years) character piece. THR also points out that the film has no supernatural elements, unless you count the director's paranoia. What it is he has to be paranoid about, I'm not sure.



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