How Daniel Radcliffe Can Beat the Post-Franchise Blues

by Ethan Alter February 2, 2012 10:21 am
How Daniel Radcliffe Can Beat the Post-Franchise Blues

With the new horror movie The Woman in Black, Daniel Radcliffe takes his first big step beyond Harry Potter, the decade-long film franchise that made him a household name. Transitioning from that kind of a long-running and/or hugely popular series to other roles can be an enormous hurdle for an actor. For assistance, Radcliffe can study the career trajectories of the following performers, each of whom left the security of an established franchise -- which, in many cases, rocketed them to stardom -- behind for less familiar standalone projects.

Something For the Slacker in All of Us

by Tippi Blevins September 5, 2008 11:51 am
Something For the Slacker in All of Us Are you sitting at work, watching the minutes tick by until you're finally free for the weekend, wondering how you'll occupy yourself for the next two days of work-free bliss? Are you thinking about risking the wrath of your significant other to go see The Dark Knight for the fifteenth time? There's not a lot new coming out this week in theaters. No new comic book hero movies, no new sci-fi epics, and no new horror villains to make you scream... unless you count Nicolas Cage's scary-ass hairdo in Bangkok Dangerous. Screw it. You might as well be a slacker and waste away the weekend on the Internet.

Here are a few things to help your eyes glaze over as you stare at the computer screen:

This Kiss…Sucks

by Kasey McDonald June 26, 2008 3:46 pm
This Kiss…Sucks

Always wanted to plant one on Angelina Jolie? Have dreams of sucking face with Leonardo DiCaprio? If you the opportunity ever arises, you may want to pass and let your wildest dreams stay just that. In Touch Weekly got the skinny on making out with a number of celebs from their co-stars, and if these actors are to be believed, not a single one was a pleasant experience. (In Touch tells you to pick up a copy of their newest mag on newsstands to read the full listing, but fear not dear readers, Defamer has them all in gory detail.)

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – The Sum of All Ryans

by Ethan Alter January 17, 2014 6:00 am
<i>Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit</i> – The Sum of All Ryans

When we last saw Jack Ryan -- CIA analyst and reluctant action hero -- on the big screen, he was racing against the clock to prevent an all-out nuclear war between American and Russia, the favorite antagonist of his creator, Tom Clancy. He also looked a lot like Ben Affleck, who had inherited the role from Harrison Ford, who in turn had inherited it from Alec Baldwin in a string of regenerations of Doctor Who-vian proportions. The casting switch was intended to give a fresh start to the then-three movie franchise, but following a respectable (though far from stellar) box-office performance, Affleck's Ryan was prematurely retired instead. (Just as well; there are a number of reasons why The Sum of All Fears didn't work and Affleck's callow performance tops the list. Funnily enough, though, he'd probably make a great fortysomething Ryan if he were to attack the part today.) A decade later, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit offers up another Ryan regeneration from which the character emerges with the face and form of Chris Pine. More notably, though, this is the first Ryan adventure that isn't directly based on a Clancy novel and perhaps that explains why it works as well as it does… at least until it doesn't.

Indie Snapshot: Seeking a Friend For the End of the World

by Ethan Alter June 22, 2012 6:08 am
Indie Snapshot: <i>Seeking a Friend For the End of the World</i>

Like an unholy cross between Melancholia and Little Miss Sunshine, Lorene Scafaria's debut feature is a quirky road comedy set against the backdrop of the looming apocalypse. This particular end-of-the-world scenario involves an enormous asteroid that will reduce Earth to a cinder when it smashes into the planet in 21 days. But it's a sign of just how deeply annoying the movie is that you long for this planet-destroying space rock to arrive in half the time so that everyone onscreen will die sooner.



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