Iron Man Dons Lawsuit of Armor

by Kasey McDonald September 18, 2008 11:14 am
<i>Iron Man</i> Dons Lawsuit of Armor

On my commute to work this morning, I was behind a guy with one of those bumper stickers that says "If you can read this, I could slam on my brakes and sue you." It's funny, sure, but the sentiment behind it, that these days you can sue anyone you want for the slightest wrong, was only reinforced by the bus that I was stuck behind 10 minutes later with one of those awesome "ACCIDENTES!" ads on the back where they pretty much go right out and say they'll sue anyone you want for anything you want, and not only won't they charge you for it, but they'll do the whole thing in Spanish. The pervasive litigiousness of our society persists everywhere, from the back of a Metro bus, right into the DVDs you have on your Christmas list. Number one on my list is Iron Man, and if you think it has avoided being touched by the busy wand of the lawsuit fairy, you're wrong.

Marky Mark? Cocaine? Pornstache? Sign me up!

by Lauren Gitlin July 24, 2008 3:25 pm
Marky Mark? Cocaine? Pornstache? Sign me up! God loves me! How do I know? Because he took a whole bunch of my favorite things -- the Seventies, Miami, Marky Mark, cocaine (culture), Peter Berg and the writings of Generation Kill uber-scribe Evan Wright -- and smooshed them all together into one big fat bow-wrapped present! I am so excited!

Big Budget Break Ups

by Tippi Blevins June 20, 2008 1:51 pm
Big Budget Break Ups Film industry relationships are complicated. Most relationships are, but at least with marriages and dating, we at least have some frame of reference. Our friends or family members have been through the same things we have, and can share their experiences with us. And if not, we can always watch the wack-jobs on Maury to make ourselves feel better. Let's look at the relationship troubles between DreamWorks SKG and Viacom Inc.'s Paramount Pictures, as reported by Zap2it, in terms we might be able to relate to.



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