Five Questions for the Directors of V/H/S 2

by Ethan Alter April 23, 2013 4:40 pm
Five Questions for the Directors of <i>V/H/S 2</i>

Fans of the first V/H/S (myself included) will be happy to hear that the second installment in the horror anthology series continues to employ the found footage style in fun (and frightening) ways. Following its Sundance premiere in January, V/H/S 2 is playing as part of this year's Tribeca Film Festival, prior to its VOD and theatrical release later this summer. Four of the directors -- Simon Barrett, who helmed the framing segments; Adam Wingard, whose movie follows a guy with a new implanted cyborg eye that allows him to see dead people; Jason Eisner, who choreographs the alien invasion of a kids' slumber party; and Eduardo Sánchez, who directed a hilarious first-person zombie short (and who, fun fact, helped launch the age of found footage horror with the 1999 smash hit, The Blair Witch Project) -- made the trip to New York and spoke with us about continuing the V/H/S legacy.



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