Mirror, Mirror: Who’s the Most Ridiculous Of Them All?

by Angel Cohn March 30, 2012 6:57 am
<I>Mirror, Mirror</I>: Who’s the Most Ridiculous Of Them All?

We've seen countless variations on the traditional Snow White fable and while we're admittedly curious about Snow White and the Huntsman (mostly because we're hoping for the Evil Queen to win), this watered-down-for-kids version was entirely unnecessary. It seems that Mirror Mirror was trying really desperately to capture some of the flavor of Enchanted, but missed the mark by about 100 miles. And while this looks prettier and more lavish than Once Upon A Time, that show can be seen for free on TV and features a far more in-depth and creative retelling of the Snow White saga. So aside from the gorgeous costumes (the more outrageous of which suffer from coming out a week after The Hunger Games), the majority of the movie is entirely ridiculous. Let's break down the crazy for you.



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