<I>The Ugly Truth</I>: Not the Worst Movie We’ve Ever Seen… But That’s Not Saying Much

I didn't go into The Ugly Truth with very high expectations. I had watched the scene of her with the vibrating underpants a few weeks ago, which tipped me off to the fact that this might be worse than your standard rom-com. But I tried to put all my pre-judgment aside, muster up all the Katherine Heigl goodwill I had leftover from Knocked Up and that scene in 27 Dresses where she tries on all the hideous bridesmaid gowns (her in ugly dresses makes me laugh), and remind myself repeatedly that Gerard Butler is awfully attractive and can sometimes be the best thing about a not-very-good movie, like Timeline for example, before I headed to the theater.

<I>Friends With Benefits</I>: Annoying Things Couples Only Do in Movies

Spoiler alert (in case you haven't seen No Strings Attached or any other rom-com in your life): at the end of Friends With Benefits, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are going to fall in love. What's also obvious? All of the annoying, unrealistic crap they're going to do to lead them to that point, which we see all the time in these kinds of movies. Real-life couples don't do things like jump over fences and stand at the Hollywood sign in order to push each other to be daring, as these two fated lovers do in the FWB trailer. And before we begin: We aren't about to shit on the classics, which is why we're going to point out the modern films that ripped off these ideas and made them the pathetic clich├ęs that they've become.



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