NY Film Festival Picks Its Flicks

by Odie Henderson August 13, 2008 5:30 pm
The New York Film Festival has announced its complete lineup, and it looks like they've gone bargain hunting at Shop-Rite's Cannes Cannes bash. In addition to the opening night presentation of Palme D'Or winner The Class, the snobfest I've attended 14 years in a row is also including Steven Soderbergh's Best Actor winner, Che, and Angelina Jolie's Changeling. Chouga and A Christmas Tale are also slated during the fest, which runs September 26 to October 12. Cue Cookie Monster's voiceover: "The New York Film Festival is brought to you today by the letter C for Class, Che, Changeling, Chouga, Cannes, and A Christmas Tale!" Completely by coincidence? Methinks not!

Changeling, the NYFF centerpiece, continues Clint Eastwood's campaign against the word "the." First, he made Unforgiven, whose title had previously been cast on a film called The Unforgiven, and now he cuts the "the" off George C. Scott's campy chiller, The Changeling, and crafts a potential Oscar candidate. My cranium's really crappy today, but I vaguely remember Changeling's title being changed at one point. Perhaps I'm crazy.

Though I highly prefer Toronto, part of the fun of attending the NYFF is figuring out what movies they'll send you to when your original selections sell out. Looking over the list, provided here by THR, I can imagine what movies I would have gotten instead, that is, had I submitted my form this year. Some of the titles sound like perfectly appropriate double and triple features. Four Nights With Anna should be screened with I'm Going to Explode and Night and Day. The Headless Woman just belongs with Bullet in the Head. Let it Rain might work with Summer Hours, and we can have our very own Stacy Lattisaw "Attack of the Name Game" with Che, Wendy and Lucy, Tony Manero, and Lola Montes. Now that I've turned the marquee at the Ziegfeld theater into my own personal Soul Train Scramble Board, I'll cast my "I hope this is exactly what I think it is" vote for I'm Going to Explode. Pray that I'm wrong.




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