Hanna-Barbera Cartoons That Deserve Movies More than <i>Yogi Bear</i>

Watching the trailers for Yogi Bear makes my eyes hurt. Not only because of the computer-generated fur on Yogi and his pal Boo-boo, but because I'm picturing the horrible future that awaits us if the movie succeeds. Snagglepuss! Huckleberry Hound! Quick Draw McGraw! All of these funny-voiced animals are on the list of Hanna Barbera creations that could conceivably get a crack at the big screen if Yogi does well, and while I have fond memories of those characters, I simply can't see how any of them would make good movies. The worst part? Hanna-Barbera made hundreds of cartoons, not all of them starring animals, and some of them would make amazing movies. In fact, Warner Bros. is developing a movie based on the adventure series Jonny Quest for 2012 -- granted, they first tried back in 1995, but this time I hope they'll be able to make it stick. Here are some other HB properties (yes, even a few talking-animal 'toons) that I think would be great big-screen spectacles.

Space Ghost
Before this spacefaring superhero was turned into a late-night talk show host, he was an intergalactic crime fighter, traveling the universe and fighting alien supervillains with his two teen sidekicks and a pair of laser-firing wristbands. He's basically Space Batman, and while the movie will undoubtedly cost a bundle to make, it could be a new franchise for the right studio.
Casting: Given Space Ghost's recent comedic turn, the film may feel the need to go the comedy route, but we'd much rather see a dead-serious take on the Ghost, with Ben Affleck or Bruce Willis in the lead role, and Dakota Fanning and Zac Efron as Jan and Jace. Monkey Blip would be optional.

Speaking of superheroes, let's leap from the far future to the distant past, where a young cave-boy finds a magic club, and when he raises it up, he transforms into the prehistoric superhero Mightor! He could wrestle dinosaurs, smash boulders, drive off violent gangs of Cro-Magnons... Plus, he has the most awesome hat imaginable.
Casting: Considering that Mightor only wears a loincloth, a mask and horns, we're gonna need somebody in good shape to play him. Now that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson seems to be returning to his action-film roots, let's see if we can get him to go all Scorpion-King again.

Dyno-Mutt, Dog Wonder
Since secret-agent dogs are apparently worth at least a couple of flicks, and superheroes still sell, why not combine the two and make a movie about a talking, technologically enhanced canine hero? His human sidekick could tag along, but the star would be Dyno's extending appendages and Inspector Gadget-like gimmicks, possibly thanks to a secret government dog-soldier program.
Casting: While Dyno-Mutt would necessarily be CGI, we'd love to throw Robin Williams a bone and get him on board as the voice of the goofy guard-dog. And maybe Mark Ruffalo as the human who adopts him, then teams up with him as wannabe-hero Blue Falcon?

The Herculoids
This tale of a primitive family and their bizarre pets may look like it's set in prehistoric times, but it really takes place on an alien world, where giant stone gorillas, laserbeam-shooting dragons, fireball-blasting rhinoceroses and living balls of Silly Putty are apparently not incredibly unusual. Since they're always repelling alien invaders, it would be easy to make Earth the invading culture and pit our own technology against the Herculoid menagerie.
Casting: Josh Duhamel looks like he could use a break from rom-coms and robots for a while, so cast him as Zandor, Amy Smart as Tarra, and some blond rugrat as Dorno. We're not picky, as long as they all take slingshot classes.

Sealab 2021
Another HB show that got converted to a comedy for Adult Swim (it was originally called Sealab 2020), this one actually surpassed the short-lived original pretty much immediately, so it might work best as the story of a team of scientist screw-ups who find themselves in a serious underwater adventure, in the vein of The Abyss. Plus, if we start development now, we might be able to get it in theaters by 2021!
Casting: Are the members of Broken Lizard doing anything right now? Put 'em in matching jumpsuits, and you're pretty much done. The show is essentially Super Troopers at the Bottom of the Sea.

What Hanna-Barbera show would you like to see made into a movie? Don't say Hong Kong Phooey. It can't be done. A dog who's a janitor, but when he jumps into a file cabinet, he's a karate master? How would you do that? Dogs can't have jobs. It would be like The Cubicles of Narnia. Anyway, file your sane ideas below.

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