Movies Without Pity Awards Week 5: The Best of the Rest

We've arrived at the fifth and final week of voting in our second-annual Movies Without Pity Awards. And, just like Oscar night, we've saved the biggest categories for last. Think The Artist really is the best movie of the year, as the Academy seems poised to decide? Or would you cast your vote for its fellow nominees Moneyball, War Horse or The Tree of Life instead? Or maybe you'd like to pick a movie completely overlooked by Oscar, like, say Attack the Block, The Muppets or Margaret.

Other significant categories in this final batch of polls include Best Indie Movie, Best Director, Worst Director, Movie That Most Needs a Sequel and Most Anticipated Movie of 2012 (we fully expect The Dark Knight Rises to claim that title, but The Hunger Games could prove a formidable opponent). Thanks for all your votes over the past five weeks and look for the final results to be announced on February 20, six days before the Oscars are handed out.

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