Mulder Tested, Scully Approved

by Kasey McDonald July 24, 2008 11:40 am
Mulder Tested, Scully Approved

So, we only have one day left (unless you're going to the midnight showing tonight, which I am not because I am old and can't stay up that late anymore) before we all get to find out whether or not the X-Files movie is going to suck. For those of us who are hardcore fans, it's a bit of a sticky wicket. On the one hand, I've heard from an X-Phile friend "if it sucks or does badly in theaters, it serves them right for beating the show into the ground its last two years." On the other, I think, are the rest of us who really just want to see the franchise do well against everything else that's currently in theaters. (And I don't know if you've heard, but that Batman movie's doing pretty okay.)

We're not the only ones. Even the stars are getting in on the action. David Duchovny wrote on his < a href="" target="_blank >blog (in all lower case that would drive a TWoP moderator batty), "batman's got everybody scared that we can't do business, and well, it is some kind of a box office juggernaut. but i want to believe. i want to believe that our loyal fans will go see us right away (see some of you at the premiere tomorrow) and they will bring friends who never watched the x files and they will tell a friend and we will become viral and keep growing and hang on for weeks. a boy can dream. see you at the movies." Damn that guy. It makes me want to go out and buy extra tickets that I won't use in the fan equivalent of pity-purchasing chocolates from your co-worker's dopey kid's second grade class. Only more expensive.

In an article from earlier this month where The Hollywood Reporter discussed why the film and others like it faced a challenge in rebooting its franchise, it was said: "Central to making and selling these reboots is satisfying the nostalgia of a built-in fan base while expanding the audience to a generation that, in the case of "X-Files," might think Scully and Mulder is the name of an accounting firm." Word. As I stated earlier, I'm a little too old to relate to a new generation of viewers who don't know who Mulder and Scully are, but back in the day when I was a new viewer (and also in that demographic), I thought the franchise was pretty freaking cool. I guess we'll see if kids today respond positively. If they don't, it'll make me cranky on top of being old. And they damn well better stay off my lawn.




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