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Grudge Match: Your Burning Questions Answered

by Ethan Alter December 25, 2013 6:00 am
Grudge Match: Your Burning Questions Answered

What's not quite a Rocky movie and definitely not the second coming of Raging Bull? The old guys punch-a-thon, Grudge Match! We're sure you've got questions about this title bout between Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro and we've got the answers.

Romeo & Juliet: Your Burning Questions Answered

by Ethan Alter October 11, 2013 6:00 am
Romeo & Juliet: Your Burning Questions Answered

We know what you're thinking… another version of Romeo & Juliet? We answer that -- and the rest of your burning questions -- below.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: Your Burning Questions Answered

Is Lily Collins the next Kristen Stewart? Could it be more obvious that she's running around the streets of Toronto rather than the streets of Brooklyn? And what the heck is a "mortal instrument" anyway? You've undoubtedly got questions about the latest wanna-be YA franchise-starter The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and we've got the answers… with some spoilers in the mix as well.

White House Down: Your Burning Questions Answered

A White House under attack? Channing Tatum in Bruce Willis's old Die Hard wife beater?? America actually elected Jamie Foxx to the presidency??? You must have burning questions about Roland Emmerich's old-school (by which I mean, early '90s) summer blockbuster White House Down and we've got the answers.

The Host: Your Burning Questions Answered

by Ethan Alter March 29, 2013 6:01 am
The Host: Your Burning Questions Answered

Stephanie Meyer's post-Twilight movie career begins today with the release of The Host, the Meyer-produced, Andrew Niccol-directed adaptation of the 2008 sci-fi novel she penned in between Twilight installments. We're sure you've got a... well, host of burning questions about the film and we're here with the answers.

Jack the Giant Slayer: Your Burning Questions Answered

Towering beanstalks? Rampaging giants? Nicholas Hoult staring slack-jawed at the sky? We know you've probably got a ton of burning questions about Bryan Singer's fairy-tale inspired blockbuster, Jack the Giant Slayer and we're here with the answers.

Jack Reacher: Your Burning Questions Answered

by Ethan Alter December 21, 2012 6:01 am
Jack Reacher: Your Burning Questions Answered

Probably the biggest question facing the new Tom Cruise action movie Jack Reacher is why Paramount decided to release it smack-dab in the middle of the busiest holiday movie season in recent memory, where it's likely to be buried underneath the avalanche caused by the quintuple threat of Les Misérables, Django Unchained, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Monsters Inc. 3D and that Twilight movie that refuses to die. Sure, the fourth Mission: Impossible installment performed above expectations when it was released last year around this time, but that was an established franchise for Cruise and further benefitted from being a light-hearted, spectacle-driven blockbuster romp. Jack Reacher represents something a little different and darker for the star, whose name above the title is no longer enough to guarantee either massive success or a quality movie. (Laugh if you must, but back in his '80s heyday, Cruise rarely bet on the wrong horse. And don't try throwing Cocktail at me. That movie is and always will be awesome.) So I don't have a good answer for why the studio decided to make this their holiday tentpole release. I can, however, respond to some of the other burning questions you probably have about Jack Reacher.

Skyfall: Your Burning Questions Answered

by Ethan Alter November 9, 2012 12:01 am
Skyfall: Your Burning Questions Answered

Let's start off by answering the biggest question first: yes, Skyfall really is as great as you've been hearing. The 23rd entry in the venerable James Bond franchise isn't just the best studio blockbuster of the year -- featuring a better story than The Avengers, fewer logic gaps than The Dark Knight Rises and rip-roaring action sequences that easily outclass pretenders like The Hunger Games and Battleship -- it also ranks in the top five (hell, maybe even the top three) Bond adventures that have come along in 007's now 50-year big-screen history. In a fall that's packed with awards-friendly prestige pictures, Skyfall is reminder that a smart, beautifully-crafted and, in general, kick-ass action movie can be as worthy of serious acclaim and respect as any historical biopic or weighty drama. With that out of the way, time to get to some of your other burning queries:

Lawless: Your Burning Questions Answered

by Ethan Alter August 29, 2012 10:46 am
Lawless: Your Burning Questions Answered

At the tail end of last summer, The Weinstein Company made a bet that adult audiences weary of sequels, comic-book movies and other blockbuster fare would turn out for a straight-up, grown-up thriller distinguished by a cast of respected character actors and a historical hook. That movie was The Debt -- which told the story of a group of retired Israeli Mossad agents who flash back to an operation from the '60s that changed all of their lives -- and it wound up doing solid business, solid enough that the Weinsteins are pulling the same late-summer counterprogramming stunt today with Lawless, a Prohibition-era crime thriller about a trio of bootlegging brothers in Virginia who refuse to bend to the new law of the land or the crooked businessmen who want in on their operation. Directed by critical darling John Hillcoat (best known for the Down Under Western The Proposition) and featuring a heavy-hitting ensemble that includes Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain (who also appeared in The Debt), Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman and... um, Shia LaBeouf, Lawless certainly has the pedigree to be this summer's token prestige picture, but is the whole as great as the sum of its parts? I'll answer that -- and more of your burning questions -- below.

Hope Springs: Your Burning Questions Answered

by Ethan Alter August 8, 2012 6:00 am
Hope Springs: Your Burning Questions Answered

Who says the summer movie season is exclusively home to superheroes, super spies and talking teddy bears? As formidable as Jeremy Renner looks in this week's token action picture The Bourne Legacy, I'd put my money on the dynamic duo of Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, the stars of the new AARP-approved marital comedy Hope Springs, to take him out. (Actually, Streep could probably put him down entirely on her own. Have you ever seen The River Wild? That chick will mess you up.) I'm sure you have plenty of questions about the movie, so let's get right to it.



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