More <i>Cabin</i> Fever: <I>The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion</i>

Still piecing your mind back together after having it blown by The Cabin in the Woods this weekend? Keep your obsessions about the film alive by picking up the photo-heavy, information-dense tome The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion, from Titan Books. Here are five good reasons to add this to your bookshelf:

1. You Can Study the Screenplay Again and Again
Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon's script is a marvel of clever construction and narrative gamesmanship. Aspiring screenwriters -- especially those with a personal predilection for the horror genre -- would be wise to study it as they go about penning their own features. And with this book they can, as it reprints the entire script in full. That also allows the movie's fans to kill time until the DVD comes out by acting out their favorite scenes in the comfort of their own living rooms.

2. Joss and Drew Give Great Commentary
If you've heard any of Whedon's commentary tracks on the DVDs of his various shows, you already know that he's an engaging speaker. And while the Visual Companion doesn't come with an audio interview with him and Goddard, it does include the text of a lively conversation the two men have about the genesis of the film and the production process. Like the movie, it's full of funny lines and big ideas.

3. The Artwork Belongs in a Museum... of the Macabre
If you've seen Cabin, you already know that it's crammed wall-to-wall with nightmarish monsters. And if you thought they were scary onscreen, just wait until you see them in pen-and-ink form in the pre-production art gallery that's included in the back of the book, accompanied by interviews with the effects artists responsible for bringing those sketches to life.

4. It's Only $20 (Or Less!)
In most markets, that's less than the cost of two adult movie tickets. And while the movie deserves your dough as well, even Joss would understand if the current economic climate means you can't pay to see it more than once. This way you can still contribute to its coffers without breaking your budget.

5. Interviews Galore
Besides the dynamic duo of Drew and Joss and the effects guys, the Visual Companion also includes conversations with the cast (among them Chris "Thor" Hemsworth) and other key crew members, who offer their own take on the shoot and what the whole movie really means.

Want even more Cabin goodness? Get the official movie novelization.

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