Spike vs. Clint: It's ON!

by DeAnn Welker June 9, 2008 3:09 pm
Spike vs. Clint: It's ON! You all remember how mad Spike Lee was at Clint Eastwood (and the Coen Brothers, too) at Cannes, right?

Well, as one would expect from Dirty Harry, Eastwood came out with guns blazing in response, in an interview that ran Friday in The Guardian. All of the buzz about Clint's interview is focusing on one line: that Spike should "shut his face." Clint did say that, but the interview contains plenty more controversial tidbits: *Eastwood asks if Spike Lee has studied history at all. Ouch!
*He talks about Lee not liking his 1988 movie, Bird because a white director (Eastwood) made it.
*He talks about his next movie, Changeling, and how he's not doing it equal opportunity, but focusing on historical accuracy.
*He talks about the Christian groups who attacked Million Dollar Baby when it was released.
*He talks about the controversy that was Dirty Harry back in its time.

This all makes one wonder: How has Clint survived a whole career's worth of controversy as one of the most popular and beloved movie stars and directors? He must have high Q or something.

But Spike Lee isn't one to apologize or try to avoid the controversy either, and after Clint's interview, he had his own statement to make, telling that Clint's not his father and "we're not a plantation, " and calling Clint an "angry old man." He also responds to Clint's specific criticisms with, "I know history. I am a student of history."

It sounds sort of like a playground fight, what with the petty sniping ("Shut your face!") and hitting below the belt (evoking images of slavery to imply Eastwood's a racist).

Real mature, guys. Can't these two filmmakers just get along? It jseems so unproductive to focus their energies on bickering back and forth publicly. Couldn't they join forces and try to do something for the greater good?

Until they both decide to stop being babies, we'll all be watching from the sidelines as they duke it out. If it comes to physical blows, it'll be tough to say who'll come out on top. Spike's quite a bit younger, but it's awfully difficult to bet against Dirty Harry.




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