Bat Who? Dark What?

by Tippi Blevins September 16, 2008 12:38 pm
Bat Who?  Dark What? Do you ever read about all the remakes, reimaginings, and reboots of films from the relatively recent past and wonder if maybe Hollywood has kind of a short memory? If you answered "yes" to that, then it looks like Hollywood might actually agree with you. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. "plans to rerelease its blockbuster Batman sequel in January, the height of Academy Awards voting season." A "studio insider" is quoted as saying, "'It's just a matter of bringing it back as a reminder for people.'" Because if there's one movie that people won't remember a few months from now, it's The Dark Knight, right? It's not like it's already made more than half a billion dollars domestically or is still in the box office top ten two months after its premiere. It's not like there won't be a huge media blitz leading up to its December release on DVD to remind people of its existence, or anything. Seriously, even my grandma knows about The Dark Knight, and she hasn't been to a movie theater since Sean Connery had most of his original hair.

It's not uncommon for movies to be re-released in December or January just ahead of or right after Oscar season. It's just the studio insider's reasoning that gave me a moment of pause. Movies that get released early in the previous year, or movies that get lost amid the high-profile blockbusters are the more common candidates for the "let's remind everyone this thing exists" re-release strategy. Michael Clayton got a second lease on life shortly after its original premiere, but it also had a fraction of the exposure and audience of The Dark Knight, and its awards noms motivated people to go see it for the first time. I wouldn't be surprised if The Dark Knight stays in theaters in its first release nearly up to its DVD release.

I'll be in line to go see it again, of course, but because I really like the movie and not because I forgot it existed. You don't forget Batman movies. Look how long it's been since Batman Forever and people still remember those nipples.




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