Cruel Fate To Determine A Clint Eastwood Batman Cameo

I think the Casting Gods are teasing me. First off, there's a rumor going around that Clint Eastwood might just sign on to play the mayor of Gotham City in the next Batman movie. And secondly, reports have surfaced that Nicolas Cage got cast in a movie that otherwise sounded like it would have been perfectly good. The two tidbits are such polar extremes they threaten to cancel each other out. My Nicolas Cage gag reflex hit me at about the same time as my Clint Eastwood WHOO! reflex, and I had to lie down for a second.

I'll confess, the Clint Eastwood as Gotham Mayor rumor is pretty shaky. For one thing, UK news outlets are notorious for printing almost anything, and for another, if the timestamp on the top of the blog dishing the gossip is correct, it was last updated on November 28th of 2003. But Dark Horizons mentioned it in their Dark Knight Scoops update, so I'm going to pretend that there's just the slightest bit of hope that Eastwood is in fact considering such a role. It would be amazing! Perhaps the wheels of the rumor mill will churn their way into his rep's office and plant the idea. Stranger things have happened.

What appears, tragically, to not be a rumor: Nicolas Cage has been cast opposite Pierce Brosnan in the upcoming thriller The Ghost. The story sounds great. Based on a Robert Harris novel, it follows a ghostwriter (Cage) who has been hired to complete the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister (Brosnan), whereupon he uncovers details about a scandal which puts his life in danger. A politically engaging thriller with Pierce Brosnan as former Prime Minister! Sounds promising! But when you add in the Ghost Rider as the ghostwriter, everything turns to shit. Much like the last several films Nic Cage has touched.

One of these days awesome casting news will turn out to be true and scary casting news will turn out to be rumor. When that happens, odds are I'll be stuck on a plane where the only in-flight movie on offer is Ghost Rider.




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