Second Coming Coming to Comic Con Have you ever seen those "WWJD?" bracelets or bumper stickers and wondered, "What would Jesus really do?" Well, at long last, I've found the answer to the question that has weighed on the minds of philosophers, theologians and crafty religious merchandisers alike. As it turns out, Jesus would go to Comic-Con. Jesus Christ, like many other superstars in "the biz", will be out promoting his movie at the multimedia convention in San Diego later this month.

And it's not just any old Jesus, either. As dreamt up by a down-on-his-luck actor/teacher in Andrew Fleming's Hamlet 2, this is a sexy Jesus. The lyrics even say so in one of the play-within-the-movie's musical numbers. This guy sings, dances, and grabs his crotch in a purposeful way. MTV Movies Blog teases with this tidbit: "Rumor has it that the film will invade Comic-Con in a major way, even going so far as to have seductive saviors roaming the streets of San Diego." I just hope his sandals are comfy, because that convention center is huge.

Joining him will be the publicity machines for The Day the Earth Stood Still, the next Saw movie, Punisher: War Zone, and many others. If you're lucky enough (or unlucky enough, depending on your perspective) to attend, you catch a full screening of the Lost Boys sequel before it's released straight to DVD. On hand to help stir up interest will be none other than Corey Feldman himself.

Comic-Con sure seems like the place to be for resurrections: The Spirit will also be brought back to life there. Frank Miller's adaptation of the Will Eisner comic about a murdered cop who protects the city "will be front and center," according to Variety. The full schedule hasn't been posted yet, but it's probably safe to say there will be previews, discussion panels, and promotional freebies. If not, maybe you can find one of those wandering Jesus guys and ask him for a miracle.




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