<I>Friends With Benefits</I>: Annoying Things Couples Only Do in Movies

Spoiler alert (in case you haven't seen No Strings Attached or any other rom-com in your life): at the end of Friends With Benefits, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are going to fall in love. What's also obvious? All of the annoying, unrealistic crap they're going to do to lead them to that point, which we see all the time in these kinds of movies. Real-life couples don't do things like jump over fences and stand at the Hollywood sign in order to push each other to be daring, as these two fated lovers do in the FWB trailer. And before we begin: We aren't about to shit on the classics, which is why we're going to point out the modern films that ripped off these ideas and made them the pathetic clichés that they've become.

Cliché: Get really raunchy at the dinner table, unbeknownst to your fellow diners.
As Seen In: The Ugly Truth, Wedding Crashers
Sure, a quick footsy sesh never hurt two reasonably sane partners. But no actual couples bring a vibrator to a restaurant, or even think about sex when they're sitting next to their grandparents.

Cliché: Surprise each other with carved-out spaces for practicing long forgotten passions.
As Seen In: Bridesmaids, The Notebook
Ask any writer: The easiest way to make a female character three-dimensional while also demonstrating how great the guy is? Give the girl an artistic side and have the dude appreciate and cultivate it. How romantic!

Cliché: Find each other after missing their chance at love a long time ago, and then make up for lost time.
As Seen In: Sweet Home Alabama, 13 Going On 30
Know that person you had a thing with a while ago that always felt like they got away? Of course you do! You're probably Facebook friends by now. You're also probably not missing all of those charming things they used to do for you decades ago (especially if y'all were together before you hit puberty). Yet in movies, that person is always around, just waiting for their sweetheart to come back and make their lives picture-perfect again.

Cliché: Go for long walks on the beach.
As Seen In: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Spanglish
As annoying as it is to hear people say their turn-ons include long walks on the beach (ironic or not), seeing couples do it in movies is that much worse. And they never realize they're taking a long walk on the beach until they realize this person is ~the one~.

Cliché: Realize it was each other all along.
As Seen In: Just Go With It, Rumor Has It
Speaking of which, why don't we all just marry our best friends? Haven't movies taught us that the person right in front of us is your perfect soul mate? What's the matter -- does he/she wear glasses, or something?

Cliché: Meet in situations where the girl is nearly lethally clumsy.
As Seen In: When in Rome, The Wedding Planner
A women with a career and a love life? Fuggedaboutit. Girls can't balance anything in this world -- not even their own bodies! Good things there are always dreamy guys around to save 'em. And if that guy can cook, you are a fool not to marry him!

Cliché: Rely on pets to lead the way.
As Seen In: Marley and Me, Sex and the City
No person on this Earth has more wisdom than a dog does, especially not actors. When a couple is really struggling, they look at the simple, loving (or horny, in the case of SATC) nature of a pet to help them see what's really going on in their relationship.

Cliché: Fall into water together, fully clothed -- and enjoy it.
As Seen In: What a Girl Wants, Miss Congeniality
After a big fight, nothing is more hilarious, romantic, or awe-inspiring then to be soaking wet with your sweetie pie. And don't worry: Your hair and makeup will look perfect right after. Sexier, even.

Cliché: Get sexy in the rain.
As Seen In: Dear John, Garden State Oh, and know what happens when couples see it's raining outside? Stay inside, no matter how much that lightning storm symbolizes their difficult journey ahead.

Cliché: Have mind-blowing sex the first time you're ever together.
As Seen In: Valentine's Day, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Arguably the most annoying thing you routinely see in movies. Assuming things don't go accidentally-in-front-of-the-entire-office bad, it doesn't matter how long the two know each other: The first time a couple has sex, it is awesome. Oh, and they always wake up with the perfect L shaped blanket. But that's realistic.

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