Spidey 4 A Go

by DeAnn Welker September 8, 2008 2:03 pm
<i>Spidey 4</i> A Go The rumors and speculation are over now that reliable source Nikki Finke has leaked the news that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire will both be back for a Spider-Man 4 (and probably 5, too). Sony was rumored to have been considering other actors to play the superhero, but apparently they woke up and realized how rare a franchise this successful and critically favored is. Apparently, Tobey wasn't sure he wanted to do it, but I'm guessing Sony made it worth his while.

They might even shoot the fourth and fifth films at the same time in order to save money and ensure that all of the cast returns for the fifth film, too. Not a bad idea, Sony.

No word yet on who the Spidey 4 villain will be (although the buzz is buzzing), but Mary Jane will be back (Kirsten Dunst hasn't signed on yet, but sources tell Finke she will return). Oh, and in case you were wondering: No, you were not dreaming it; the musical is still happening.




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