Strike update: Nothing's happened!

by DeAnn Welker July 28, 2008 4:41 pm
Strike update: Nothing's happened! It's been easy to forget that a possible Screen Actors Guild strike is looming over Hollywood like a cloud of L.A. smog. We haven't even talked about it in almost a month. But just because no one is paying attention doesn't mean it's gone away. Quite the contrary in fact.

The latest development (really more of a non-development) was on Saturday, when the SAG board backed its negotiators' efforts to gain more control (and money) from web content that features SAG actors.

The union heads backing the negotiators is a sure sign that the stalemate will not end anytime soon. In fact, some reports indicate that this could mean no movement on a new contract until after board elections in September.

Smaller union AFTRA caused a stir when it reached a deal earlier this month, pitting celebs including Tom Hanks and George Clooney against SAG heads who wanted AFTRA to suffer right along with the rest of them. SAG's demands are more far-reaching when it comes to online content than AFTRA's were.

What this might mean for fall TV or movies is not yet clear, but a strike would likely be the death of TV as we currently know it. The writers' strike earlier this year already started some changes in the industry -- viewership is down, reliance on reality TV is up -- that would likely be made permanent by a SAG strike this soon after.




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