David Wain Makes Everything Better

by Lauren Gitlin August 6, 2008 4:04 pm
David Wain Makes Everything Better Man, today started off crappy. Humidity, rain, and an early morning trip to the wilds of the Upper East Side to get one's ass X-rayed is not a recipe for an awesome Wednesday. But after a grilled cheese sammich and some much-needed rocking out to M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes," things started looking up. And then I saw a trailer for the upcoming David Wain/Paul Rudd chucklefest Role Models and presto change-o: Best Day Ever! What's that you say? Ken "Wait For Me Abby Bernstein!" Marino shares writing credits? Sign me the bleep up!

The premise isn't all that impressive: an odd-couple duo (played by Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott -- whoa, am I psychic or what? I was just talking about him!) get into hot water and to avoid jail they have to log community service hours at a facility for troubled kids. Hilarity ensues. But. But. This is a David Wain joint, son! And McLovin is in it! And, like, some cute black kid who thinks all white people look like Ben Affleck! So basically, that means we have a Wet Hot American Summer 2 on our hands. Only more mainstream. And set in the present day. And without Michael Showalter. Oh OK, who am I kidding? Nothing will ever be as good as WHAS. But this looks pretty solid. Don't believe me? Watch the clip and then talk to me. In theaters this November, fools!




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