<i>Fletch</i> Lives Again, But Who Should Star and Who Should Direct?

It's one of the great crimes of Hollywood that there was only one sequel to Chevy Chase's 1985 mystery-comedy Fletch, especially since there are actually nine books about reporter Irwin M. Fletcher, plus two about his son, and the sequel wasn't even based on any of them. One of Chase's greatest roles, Fletch was a charming, cocky chameleon, with a list of aliases as long as his arm and a snarky response always at the ready. After years of us dreading a Kevin Smith-directed reboot, Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the character, and we're excited to think about who might take over the director's chair, not to mention the highly sought-after role. Ben Affleck, Jason Lee and Josh Jackson have all been attached in the past, but we've got our own set of nominees.

Joel McHale
Tall. Snarky. A cast member on Community. Joel McHale and Chevy Chase have a lot in common, so it would be fitting to have the cool, collected Soup host take over the role. If anything could make him an instant movie star, it's this character.

Ryan Reynolds
Yes, we know, Fletch is not a superhero, which means Reynolds is probably not interested. But I can't think of any actor who can better capture Chase's effortless back-and-forth lying style, and yet also would be willing to dress up in ridiculous outfits.

Jason Schwartzman
We can't think of any reason why Fletch has to be tall, and the 5-foot-six Schwartzman already plays a writer who likes to solve crimes on Bored to Death. As long as he plays Fletch a little more cynically (think Rushmore), it might be a good fit.

Owen Wilson
Wilson's laid-back, fast-talking, sweet-talking style seems like it would be perfect for Fletch -- in fact, his con-artist character in The Big Bounce got caught up in some Fletch-like schemes. Luckily, nobody saw that movie.

Now on to the directors...

Jon Favreau
While he's best known for directing the blockbuster Iron Man movies, those films shine because of the fun interpersonal moments Favreau perfected in comedies like Made and Elf. Cowboys and Aliens doesn't look particularly funny, so I'd love to get to see him get back to basics for his next film.

Tony Gilroy
Veteran screenwriter Gilroy only has two films under his belt as a director, the intrigue-filled Michael Clayton and con-artist comedy Duplicity, about warring exes. But the comedy of Fletch is at its best when it's counterbalanced with murder, and Fletch has ex-wives who were barely touched on in the original movies, so it might be a good match. After Gilroy directs the next Bourne film, here's hoping he considers playing with a more humorous, less action-packed franchise.

Rian Johnson
Johnson failed to make a splash with the con-artist comedy The Brothers Bloom, but his previous film, Brick, was an intense and occasionally hilarious homage to noir mysteries, complete with hard-boiled voice-over narration. I'd give him the Fletch movie based on that alone, and I'm tempted to give star Joseph Gordon-Levitt an audition for Fletch to boot.

Jody Hill
The lead characters in Hill's movies The Foot Fist Way and Observe and Report are reprehensible and more than a little stupid, but they're also cocky and overconfident, facing off against much more powerful opponents. I'd love to see what Hill does with an intelligent character who actually has the brains to outsmart somebody.

Who'd you like to see play Fletch, or direct him? Let us know below, then see how we'd recast some of the biggest movie franchises.

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