Trailers Without Pity: <i>Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace 3D</i>

What's worse that Jar Jar Binks and Jake Lloyd? Jar Jar Binks and Jake Lloyd in 3D, of course!

George Lucas continues to milk the Star Wars franchise for all its worth, transferring every episode from The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi into the third dimension and releasing one each year -- in numerical order -- over the next six years. (That means we won't be seeing Jedi 3D until 2018, at which point there might not even be movie theaters anymore.) We do admit that we're looking forward to seeing Darth Maul kick Jedi butt in 3D, though. Watch our Trailers Without Pity team dissect the 3D-enhanced Phantom Menace teaser, and check out the movie (provided you've gotten over the whole "midi-chlorian" thing) in theaters next Friday, February 10.

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