Trailers Without Pity: <i>The Amazing Spider-Man</i>

Listen bud, Spider-Man may be strong (he's got radioactive blood) and can swing from a web (take a look overhead) but is he mighty enough to survive the biggest challenge of all... a franchise reboot? We'll find out on July 3 when The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters featuring an all-new wall crawler (Andrew Garfield replaced Tobey Maguire), an all-new director (Marc Webb taking over from Sam Raimi), an all-new origin story (what's the deal with Peter Parker's missing dad anyway?) and an all-new tone (dark like Batman Begins rather than bright and colorful like the original Spider-Man).

While there are plenty of reasons to be nervous about tinkering with a formula that worked perfectly well for three movies (actually make that two -- like everyone, we're deeply conflicted about Spider-Man 3), we're rooting for this new Spidey to find his footing. Garfield is certainly a great choice to fill out the red and blue spandex (although we would have been thrilled to see Donald Glover wearing the tights as well) and the filmmakers seem to have wisely cut back on villain bloat, pitting the webhead against only one villain -- Rhys Ifan's Lizard -- instead of multiple baddies. And hey, it's never a bad thing to have Emma Stone in your movie, especially as she'll be able to restore Gwen Stacy's reputation following Bryce Dallas Howard's botched interpretation of the character. Watch our Trailers Without Pity team dissect the movie's trailer below and make plans to spend your Fourth of July with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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