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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Best and Worst Moments of Bruce Willis and Katy Perry

If you had been one of the people eagerly awaiting Bruce Willis' return to Saturday Night Live as host for the first time since 1989, then I am….so sorry. When the actor wasn't playing the harmonica (he's still doing that?), he was going through the paces of each sketch with little to no emoting, or doing terrible imitations of Michael Kors. In other words, there was no reason to shout "yippee ki-yay!" While the decidedly unfunny evening was overwhelmingly lackluster, the episode did have a few standout moments (you should be watching "Boy Dance Party" by about the millionth time by now) as well as Katy Perry in jungle attire, so not all was lost. Check out the best (yep, there were a few and they were mostly without Willis) and worst moments from this weekend's SNL below. You know it's a weak one when they rely on popular segments from a few weeks ago (like that awesome E-Meth commercial featuring Aaron Paul) to fill the time.

Best: Boy Dance Party
SNL is still clearly feeling the absence of Andy Samberg and his digital shorts and were out to prove they could get still pull off a viral sensation without him or his Lonely Island chums. Turns out… they can. "Boy Dance Party," which featured Willis and most of the male SNL cast, became the anthem for what really happens when the girls leave and the boys are left to their own devices. Warning: this song will get stuck in your head.

Best: Beer Pong
Another taped segment, this frat house beer pong sketch not only showcased newcomer Beck Bennett's talents (his dopey, mumbling frat boy was spot-on) but had a clever, original concept (a bunch of frat boys who not only don’t know how to play beer pong, but who are more interested in childlike activities like science fair projects). This one should go viral around campuses.

Best: 24 Hour Energy
Okay, apparently nothing funny happened live. This taped segment about an energy drink for those who date exhausting individuals like actresses or stand-up comedians likely hit an all too familiar nerve with anyone who has dated an actress or a stand-up comedian.

Best: Katy Perry Goes Wild
Wait, this was a sketch, right? "Girl Dance Party in the Jungle"?

Worst: The Rest of the Episode, But Especially That Awful Lady Gaga Talk Show

There were so many bad moments from this episode (the barber shop and Armageddon sketches certainly come to mind), but none was more plain awful than the outdated and terribly off-the-mark Lady Gaga talk show. Not only did the whole thing just feel stale (Lady Gaga wears crazy outfits and is a self-righteous weirdo, in case you hadn't heard over the past four years) but Willis did an inexplicable, borderline offensive imitation of Michael Kors that definitely didn't look or sound like Michael Kors, but did make for one of the worst sketches so far this season. It's so bad, in fact, that the clip isn't currently available online. Consider yourself lucky on that one, actually.

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