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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Best and Worst of Miley Cyrus, Her Tongue and Her “Sex Tape”

Just in case Miley Cyrus hasn't had enough exposure as of late, the headline-grabbing 20-year-old served as both host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend. While you have to give the singer/actress credit for being so willing to poke fun at herself (including her tongue, which she can't seem to keep in her head) her persona as a Spring Breakers cautionary tale come to life was still on full display. While Cyrus' comic timing hasn't matured past her work on Hannah Montana, she was as only as good as the material she was given. (That weak cold open and her opening monologue tried -- and failed -- to have anything funny or new to say about that infamous VMA performance, though the cracks at Robin Thicke and Will Smith's easily shocked children were amusing and warranted). If you're a Cyrus apologist, the episode was likely a favorite (she appeared on screen more than last week's host Tina Fey did), but if you're exhausted by the star and her whole wild-child shtick, you probably felt, well, exhausted by the whole production. Here are our picks for the best and worst moments from the mercifully twerk-free episode:

Best: "We Did Stop"
Miley Cyrus is a lot of things, but who would have guessed she was also a political commentator. While she played Hilary Clinton in another sketch during the evening (yes, you read that correctly), Cyrus also performed a scathing smack down of the Republican party and their influence on the current government shutdown with a parody of her hit song "We Can't Stop" called "We Did Stop." With Cyrus and Taran Killam as hyper-sexualized versions of Michelle Bachmann and John Boehner, respectively, the whole thing was a jaw-dropper. Not because of the imagery, though, but because Miley actually said something of substance.

Best: Mornin' Miami
A legitimately laugh-out-loud sketch that poked fun at insipid morning talk show banter and at the overly-excitable and the dead-behind-the-eyes people who host them.

Best: 50 Shades of Grey auditions
It doesn't come close to the Back to the Future auditions from a few seasons ago, but this latest crop of celebrity imitations had its own share of highlights, including Killam's hilarious Christoph Waltz and Kate McKinnon's spot-on Jane Lynch. Plus, it was worlds better than the dreadful, impression-filled Piers Morgan Live sketch that happened later in the show.

Best: "Wrecking Ball" performance
Hate her or really, really hate her, you have to admit that "Wrecking Ball" is a good tune and Cyrus is awfully good at singing it live. Even better, there was no nude wrecking ball rides or sledgehammers being licked, just a stripped-down (literally; the girl had no pants on) performance. It may have silenced some of the Cyrus haters, but hopefully it spoke even bigger volumes to Cyrus herself: you can just perform without making a spectacle of yourself.

Worst: Miley Cyrus Sex Tape"
A mish-mosh of ideas that don't work (a guy doesn't want to have sex with "perfect girl" Miley Cyrus) and jokes that never landed, the whole thing just felt like a cheap way to get us all to write "Miley Cyrus sex tape." Oh. Dammit.

Watch the full episode here:

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