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Friday the 13th, Part XXIV
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In tonight's previouslies freeze-frames: Meredith Reed, Jason Pillar, Chloe O'Brian, and of course Jack Bauer. Or at least the version of him we've been watching lately

Logan is in his temporary U.N. office putting on a new tie. Looks like he picked the most hideous one, too, with purple squares and red octagons. He's also smugly watching the TV, where Taylor's press secretary is not only announcing Ethan's resignation for "heath reasons," but talking about how Taylor "sought and gained the counsel of former president Charles Logan." This is all of course as truthful as one would expect watching a White House press secretary speaking on Fox News. Finishing getting himself arranged, which turns out to require a whole slideshow of reptilian facial expressions, Logan mutes the TV as an assistant enters to let him know that his car to the heliport is ready. That would be the heliport where Russian president Suvarov is expected to arrive, after his plane touches down at JFK in the next half hour. Logan turns the volume back on as soon as she leaves, surprisingly not at all put out about having missed part of someone talking about him on television. He must be TiVoing it at home.

Logan's cell phone rings and Logan, suddenly remembering that all is not well, answers, "Tell me you have a lead on Bauer." But Logan's man Jason Pillar's got nothing, except the sniper-slaughterhouse Kiefer left in the neighboring building at the end of the last hour. Jason says that Kiefer evaded the cordon, and so did Meredith Reed. "Also, he's killed Pavel." Jason says he can keep this contained for now, but if Kiefer's already passed the goods on to the media, it won't matter. Logan remains stubbornly optimistic, especially since the press secretary just told the world about Logan's role in the peace process. Well, the public part. Obviously she left out the part where people were illegally detained and tortured and killed and all those other hallmarks of a Charles Logan operation, but eventually people will be able to figure that out. Jason warns Logan that Kiefer "didn't just kill Pavel. He butchered him." Indeed, we even get a close-up of Tokarev's messy insides lying on the floor below him. I sometimes think that actors on 24 have a better sense of their own mortality than other actors. They have to realize their characters could be killed off at any time, which means that nine times out of ten they'll have to play not only death scenes but dead scenes. And now this poor guy has to show up for a day of shooting so he can be bloodied, tied up, and paid to spend who knows how many hours half-bent over a pile of his own prop-guts. That's got to make a person rethink his career. Jason tells Logan, "I don't think Bauer's just looking to expose the Russians' involvement...this guy's out for blood." "Then you'd better find him and stop him, haven't you?" Logan says, and hangs up with instructions to keep him posted. That's certainly been working well up until now.

Kiefer is dragging Reed (and I hope it's not too confusing that I refer to Meredith Reed as "Reed" while referring to the Reed Diamond character as "Jason" even though everyone calls him "Pillar" lately, while I'm the only one who doesn't refer to "Tokarev" as "Pavel," but anyway let's keep this moving) down an alley, but she plants her feet and demands to know what happened. Kiefer says she's in danger. "You want to get through this alive, you're gonna do exactly what I say. Do you understand?" Because if she doesn't, he'll kill her? While she's nodding, Jim catches up and says he can't get a trace on the number Kiefer called (that would be Logan's phone, from Tokarev's phone) unless he goes back to his techno-sanctum and does it there. Kiefer tells him to get on it and continues leading Reed along their not-so-merry way. She asks what he plans to do when he finds everyone else involved. "It doesn't concern you," he says, which doesn't seem entirely true; I mean, she seems pretty concerned. When she asks how she's supposed to trust him when he won't tell her what's going on, he says, "Because I'm not the person who's trying to kill you." Yeah, yet. He tells her about the video he gave her being the only proof of Russian involvement, but he's looking for further conspirators, adding that President Taylor is among those trying to cover it up. Kiefer explains why that is, and I'm just going to gloss over that because we've already heard it a dozen times in the past few hours. So where does Reed come in? "I need you to break the story in case I don't make it," he says. She suddenly looks at him all melty as he says, "I think President Hassan deserves that, don't you?" Reed is so moved that she seems to have forgotten that Kiefer still reeks of half-digested borscht. He asks for her cell phone, which he then takes apart and throws aside. Jeez, rude much? "The authorities are going to start monitoring your usual forms of communications," he explains. "You can't go home, you can't go back to your office." She should go to Kiefer's place; it's probably the one place in the city where nobody's looking for Kiefer. "Is there anyone you work with you can trust?" he asks. Reed names her editor, Gary, and Kiefer says he can get her to a pay phone and she's on her own from there. He's nothing if not a gentleman.

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