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Yelena! Yelena!

Previouslys. Patty tries to seduce Palmer, and Lady Mac is pulling the strings. Bride urges Mason to go through with the LittleTerrorBrother-for-Kiefer trade. TerrorHopper kills Milla Gueststarovna. Kiefer is freed, but Spawn is still in captivity.

L.A. freeways at night. The soundtrack sounds like Tangerine Dream meets Bartok. FATB and TerrorHopper are in one of the TerrorVans. FATB calls Kiefer -- who is in his own TerrorVan -- and tells him to drive to Palmer's suite. Apparently Palmer froze some assets of the Drazens, and FATB wants Kiefer to have the Senator unfreeze them. "So everything that happened today happened because of money?" says Kiefer ruefully. "I vouldn't say that," says FATB. He tells Kiefer that he will give him further instructions once the money transfer goes through. "What kind of instructions?" asks Kiefer. FATB refuses to answer. "You want me to take out Palmer!" says Kiefer. "Of course," says FATB. "That's vhy vee let you go. That's vhy vee hev your daughter." FATB promises to call Kiefer at 10:45 on the cell phone they gave him, and tells him that there will be serious consequences if Palmer doesn't answer.

The Palmer Suite. Palmer sits alone. Patty enters, still wearing that party dress and her short sprightly haircut. "You left the party early," she observes. Yeah, Patty. That's because they really couldn't afford to hold onto the extras for another week's shooting. They go over some travel plans -- Dallas is mentioned yet again -- and Patty asks if Palmer "needs anything else." The Secret Service guy posted at the door decides to leave the two of them alone together. Palmer tells Patty to sit down, and warns her that they might be headed for a "dangerous place." Patty apologizes for being so flirtatious, but admits that she's always been attracted to his Denzeliciousness. "Meet me in twenty minutes in Room 907," says Palmer, handing her a room key. Lady Mac bursts in -- still wearing the pink faux Chanel suit -- needing to talk to Palmer alone about something. Patty leaves to go make some fictitious "changes" to Palmer's schedule. Lady Mac sits down and informs Palmer that they'll be "stumping separately" for the next few days. Uh, more like shtupping separately for the next few days. She wants to take Li'l Lisa and Theo with her. "Unless you want them…" Palmer smirks and confesses to needing a few days alone. "Great," says Lady Mac in this really pointed, serious way.

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