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Tonight's previouslies freeze-frames: Jack Bauer (who watches Walker get shot all over again), President Charles Logan, and Jason Pillar. And the following takes place between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM, which means it'll never be morning on 24 again. And after this episode that will feel true in more ways than one.

Cole is handcuffed and in NYPD custody, so I guess someone figured out during the previouslies that he wasn't so much Kiefer's hostage last hour as his accomplice. He's led into that building near the bank, the one undergoing an interior remodel with no construction crew, and brought to the spot where Dana's murdered corpse lies cooling on the floor. At least Kiefer shot her so that she'd land on top of a big piece of plastic sheeting, which will make clean-up easier. Just gather her up like a half-eaten Subway and your crime scene's good as new. Cops mill about as Cole looks down at his late ex-fiancée, his expression serious. And who could blame him; those handcuffs are going to make it tough for him to get his ring back off the corpse. The police captain asks Cole who she was, and he takes a long time to say, "Her name is Dana Walsh." And also Jenny Scott, but I think we're supposed to forget about that now. Before the captain orders Cole brought back to CTU, a young cop notices that it looks like she was shot at point-blank range, execution-style. I'm partial to Buffalo-style myself.

Kiefer's sitting in the back of a taxi, because despite being the most wanted man on the eastern seaboard and also despite reeking of sweat and cordite, he can still get a damn cab in this city. Now at his leisure, he pops Dana's memory card into his phone, which fortunately has a compatible format. He listens through his earpiece as a grainy hidden-camera video plays of Dana talking to Pavel Tokarev -- the guy who both shot Walker and works for the Russian Foreign Minister -- in some random room that looks more like some executive's outer office than her apartment. She says she wants out after she does what they've asked, but Tokarev says they (meaning the Russians) have invested too much in her. He even mocks her for planning to marry Cole. "If you have a problem wrapping your brain around that fact," Dana says threateningly, "maybe I should talk to your boss in Moscow." Tokarev ends the meeting, instructing, "Don't contact me again until Hassan is dead." Yeah, that's some pretty good proof there.

Kiefer's next move is to call his buddy Jim back at his techno-sanctum. He's already sent Jim the file, and he wants Jim to ID the man in the video. "Also, I'm coming in hot, so whatever you have to do to protect your systems from getting flagged, do it now." Rather than arguing, Jim asks if Kiefer wants him to ID the woman as well. "She's dead. I'll see you in a few minutes," Kiefer says almost casually. I'm sure Jim can't wait.

Logan's evil flunky Jason Pillar is briefing the troops at CTU, updating them on Kiefer's last known location. That would be the First Unity Bank, where they were led by a 911 call from Dana Walsh. "She's dead now. Bauer killed her." So actually Kiefer's last known location would be the place where they found Dana's body, wouldn't it? Which I know is within a block, but still. Jason adds that Cole's on his way in for questioning, and he wants everyone to concentrate on finding Kiefer. Except for the skeleton crew of non-speaking roles working on security at the U.N., of course. "If you think you have a lead, you bring it to me immediately. Questions?" He doesn't actually want questions, especially since the only person who has one for him is Chloe: "Why did they go to the bank?" She brings up the evidence Dana claimed to have, and says maybe that's what they were getting there. Jason ignores that possibility, saying Dana's whole plan all along was the bomb in the safety deposit box that she used to escape. "Jack Bauer can't accept the fact that Dana Walsh was an enemy agent working solely with the IRK opposition to Hassan's government...He's lost it, and he's a danger to himself and the community. So let's stop second-guessing the operation and find him." Hey, you're the one who opened the floor, dude.

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