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Previouslys. Now that the Safe House has been attacked, Spawn doesn't trust Soul Patch, so she runs into the unwelcoming arms of Rick, her kidnapper, because she's Spawn and will always do the wrong thing. Bride gets herself a table for one at Café Memento and meets an old doctor friend. Operation Vagina impales itself on Project Penis -- sorry --when Faux-licity does the Dance of the Seven Letter Openers for LittleTerrorBrother. Kiefer intercepts one of LittleTerrorBrother's phone calls, and decides to follow through on a lead it offers them. The following takes place between 5:00 and 6:00 PM on the day of the California presidential primary.

The floor of LittleTerrorBrother's hotel suite is swarming with slickly dressed and stylishly coiffed Federal Agents and medics. None of these fabulous people can catch the eye like Kiefer, though. He bursts grandly into LittleTerrorBrother's suite with his hair freshly trimmed, wearing a crisp white dress shirt with blood stains all over his abdomen. He announces to all the agents that there's a large sum of money in the suite for a payoff and he needs to find it pronto. The agents bow to The Trademark Sutherland Velvety Bedroom Whisper and get to work looking for the cash. Palmer, who hasn't been tamed lately by the TSVBW, is fuming with KieferDirectedRage over Operation Vagina losing its freshness. Kiefer pours on some extra-smooth velvet for Palmer, getting him to see that Operation Vagina was necessary for Palmer's security and had only been screwed up by Faux-licity's Salomé routine. Palmer drinks in the velvet explanation like it's a thirty-year-old glass of Chateau Y'Quem, and backs away from the sexy bloody man he dared to kwestion just moments earlier. "Keep me posted," says Palmer, caressing Kiefer's left upper arm and exiting. Kiefer starts pacing up and down the hall, giving us a little bun and basket before an unseen agent who only exists as a voiceover finally calls out that he's found something. Nina enters, holding a stack of bearer bonds. "Good as cash," says Kiefer. "And easier to move!" Hey, I recognize that stack of bearer bonds. These are same bearer bonds that we saw flying through the rainy sky out of Forest Whittaker's hands in Panic Room. Hey, It's That Stack Of Bearer Bonds! Well it's a little past the top of the hour, so it's time for Nina to try to plant a seed of doubt into the MindOfKiefer. "How do you think you're going to pull this off, Kiefer?" says Nina. "Pretending to be LittleTerrorBrother?" Kiefer admits that he's just flying by the seat of his KieferTrousers as usual, and calls over a nameless male agent to "switch shirts with him." Bamp chicka bamp bamp. But of course before we see any skin, the scene shifts to…

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