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Spawn Behind Bars

Previouslys. Palmer tells the truth to the public...or does he? Bride narrowly misses being shot by Jovan Musk for Men who I'm going to miss because he was really good looking. The Bad Drug Deal goes bad as predicted by anyone who's ever watched a TV show before. Spawn is in police kustody. Kiefer goes on a road trip with Xander to Saugus. The following takes place between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM on the day of the California primaries, etc.

The fiery ball they call the sun sets -- and really fast, might I add -- over Southern California. Kiefer and Xander are still looking around the deserted fields of Saugus in search of a clue of what goes on there. Xander is getting bored and starts questioning why they're still there now that there's no light to see by. Kiefer gives a velvety explanation of how the Drazens bribed a PP&E guy to shut down the power for five minutes and that whatever is going on there is key to some aspect of the Palmer assassination. Xander gets a call on his cell phone. LittleTerrorBrother just got out of surgery. Xander leaves to go interrogate him and promises to send a car back for Kiefer. Because it's not like anyone has learned in the last nineteen hours or so not to leave Kiefer alone.

Driveway of Casa Kiefer. Soul Patch is trying to get a hysterical Bride of Kiefer and a critical-condition Dr. Phil into the Patchmobile. Now I can understand that with all that Bride has gone through since midnight, she might be forgiven for losing a little of her badassness along the way. I mean there's only so long you can keep it together, right? But nevertheless, I would pay anything to have Bride cut the steroidal whimpering. Even Dr. Phil uses one of his dying breaths to tell her to chill out. Actually, he says, "Take a breath," but you know that's just a diplomatic way for a sensitive man like Dr. Phil to tell someone like Bride to shut the fuck up. Bride kan't shut up -- or "take a breath" for that matter -- she just killed her daughter. She saw her blow up in the car. Soul Patch clears up the matter by telling her that he heard from Spawn not too long ago and that she's alive. You'd think that Bride would calm down or something but instead she gets more hysterical and insists in this shrill wail that they have to go find her stupid daughter before they do anything else. Soul Patch helps Dr. Phil inside and barks at Bride to get into the car.

As they drive back to CTU, Bride keeps bleeting out questions about Spawn. Soul Patch tells her about the phone call from the pay phone and how they're looking for her. He calls Nina at CTU and tells her that he's got Bride in the back of the Patchmobile because he just saved her life. Nina is totally unfazed by Soul Patch's heroism but wants to know how Mama Kieferette is doing. Soul Patch tells her about the temporary amnesia and her bullet-ridden "special friend." Nina pretends not to want to know all about the special friend. It's as though she's painting her toenails while she's talking to him. She tells Soul Patch to bring Dr. Phil to the clinic so he can be kwestioned -- off-camera so they don't have to pay the actor for saying more than two lines -- and bring Bride to CTU...so she and Nina can have another cat fight, I guess.

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