Day 2: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

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Goodbye Darlene, hello Nina!

Previouslys. Lots of people are dead because of the CTU bombing, and Raygun is fired. PoorMan'sCateBlanchett tells Papa Crew of her suspicions that FarsiBoy is a terrorist. He brushes them off. Darlene is near death, and she's the only person who knows that Whatever encryption code. Spawn learns that JonBenet has been abused a lot in the past. The hospital calls the police on her. Kiefer finds Wald. He kills himself, but not before telling Kiefer that it was Nina (Yelena) who authorized the bombing.

CTU. More bodies are being pulled out of the rubble. Rescue workers are scurrying about. Some building inspector is telling Mason that parts of the building are unsafe, and he might have to shut it down. Now, I don't have an engineering degree, but considering that the building was just bombed and almost thirty people died -- not to mention the fact that there's debris everywhere, all these extras are stumbling around and coughing, and there are broken structural beams sticking out of the walls -- I would have almost shut the building down myself. Except for the "almost" part. Go home, people! It's called telecommuting. Look into it. In addition to the fact that no one is going home, Darlene isn't even allowed to go the hospital. Some medical team is treating her in this very building that's unstable and full of flying dust. Mason comes by to check up on her, and the EMT or doctor or whatever he is tells Mason that they've given her a combination of "stimulants and hydrating fluids," but she hasn't regained consciousness. Stimulants and hydrating fluids? I bet they're giving her instant coffee. Mason urges them to "wake her up" faster.

Soul Patch is on his way out the door. Mason asks him where he's headed. Soul Patch tells him that he's headed for Chez Crew to follow up on a lead…and give the Chez Crew subplot a connection to the rest of this show. Soul Patch explains that he just found an "L.A. connection to Syed Ali." Now, please note that they don't actually show the private detective, Ralph Burton, phoning CTU with this piece of information; nor does Soul Patch ever reveal who told him about FarsiBoy, so Ralph Burton could still be up to something. Mason wants Soul Patch to stay with him at CTU. Ooh la la! Soul Patch insists on going, because all of their other investigators are dead and it seems to be an important lead. "Be reachable," says Mason, with his hand on Soul Patch's arm. Ooh la la. Bitchelle wanders by, pushing some sort of cart. That smudge of soot is still artfully placed on her forehead. "What are you looking at?" says Mason. Hee!

A rayon-clad secretary tells Mason that he has a phone call. RayonCladSecretary? You are answering phones in a building that is collapsing around you. Go home! Mason can answer his own damn phone. The screen splits to reveal that the kall is from Kiefer, who is driving back from Wald-en Pond. Kiefer tells Mason that he learned last week -- I mean, "five minutes ago" -- that Nina gave Wald orders and the information necessary to bomb CTU long before the day of the California primary. Furthermore, Kiefer has already called Chappelle -- and, no, Father Intintola doesn't appear in this episode -- and had Nina "transferred" to CTU for questioning. Hello? Not only is CTU not a hospital or a high security prison, it is also no longer a structurally sound building. Wanna talk to Nina? Send Bitchelle over to the prison with a list of friggin' questions. Maybe the fresh air will prevent her from developing chronic asthma and bringing a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Government. While you're at it, wheel Darlene's unconscious body into the cell with them and have Bitchelle wake her up for the encryption code. That way, when she dies, you can blame Nina. Just stop having people come to CTU! If the CTU building were a ship, she'd be christened the Titanic. If CTU were a blimp, it would be called the Hindenberg. If CTU were a person, her name would be Liza Minnelli. Is anyone listening to me? Bombed building? Never mind. I guess Mason can hear me, because he tells Kiefer to go "debrief" at Division headquarters instead of CTU. I was wondering when they'd bring that word out again. (And no, it still hasn't gotten old yet.) He thanks Kiefer for a job well done and tells Bitchelle to set up the interrogation room for Nina. "The CTU agent who killed Kiefer's wife?" asks Bitchelle. Mason confirms this and orders her to have three armed agents guarding Nina.

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