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Marie's Crisis

Electric blue Kiefer. A new hour of 24 begins now. Previouslys. Reza breaks and is ready to show CTU the Crew and Co. database so that they can find out who authorized that "shipping or-dah" to Syed Ali. Cate is kidnapped. Mikey Palmice is tortured, then killed. Flight 69 goes down, and a mysterious militia group is there to finish off the survivors. Nina gets immunity for the murder of Kiefer in exchange for information leading to the B-O-M-B. The Teen Twosome are still in police custody. Palmer cries quietly at his desk like the Native American in that ad looking at all the trash on the highway.

NSA. Press Conference. Palmer stands in front of a couple of trees…I mean, "in the bucolic outdoor setting of Lake Oswego," and announces to a half a dozen extras…I mean, the "frenzied press corps" that, yes, there is a terrorist threat he tried to cover up, but he only did so in order to prevent any undue panic. "What to release to the public and when is a matter of judgment," says Palmer. "And you have elected me to use that judgment in the best interest of this country." He wraps it up without taking any questions from the press, and walks back to the building with PoorMan'sHumeCronyn. They both agree that the speech was "not the Gettysburg Address," but it should buy them some time.

Back at the Angeles National Forest -- which looks strangely like Lake Oswego and the wooded area surrounding Gaines's TerrorKompound -- Nina continues to hold Kiefer hostage. And as it so often is in hostage situations on TV and film, the one with the gun finds it necessary to explain to his or her captive that their predicament is "nothing personal." "It felt pretty personal when you killed my wife," kwips Kiefer, his hands behind his head. Nina explains that she had to kill Bride because Bride had overheard her escape plans. "What about bombing CTU," says Kiefer. "All those people you used to work with." Not to mention all those co-workers you used to sleep with. Nina explains that she didn't bomb CTU. She only sold the plans to Wald. "Believe what you have to, Nina," says Kiefer. "But you killed your friends." Nina had friends? Okay, let's back up here. What happened to "Yelena"? I thought that Nina was really a chick named Yelena that infiltrated CTU for reasons we have yet to discover. ["Presumably they'd have begun referring to her officially as 'Yelena Von Lastname' if arrest processing revealed that as her real name, so 'Yelena' was probably the alias, not 'Nina.' Good thing I'm not overthinking this." -- Sars] If this Yelena woman was just a mole, then these "friendships" that Nina maintained at CTU were made under false pretenses. Also, I never saw any evidence of Nina having any "friends" at CTU. She was chummy with Soul Patch, who was her boyfriend at the time, but everyone else in that office seemed like they merely tolerated her as a co-worker. Also, hello? She gunned down a bunch of people in cold blood and betrayed her country? At this point, "friendship" is beside the point. It's like pointing out to a 9/11 bomber that one of the stewardesses on that flight gave him an extra bag of honey roasted peanuts, so he should feel extra guilty.

Nevertheless, Nina bristles at Kiefer's reminder of her behavior last season and does that "Shut up! Shut! Up!" thing that female and/or teenage villains always do before they lose it and make some crucial strategic mistake that is their undoing. Oops. Getting ahead of myself here. Kiefer notices a sharpshooter approaching; the guy can't get a clear shot at Nina. Kiefer decides to go for a walk. Nina tells him to stay where he is, and shoots the ground near him to indicate that she means business. Kiefer reminds her that if she shoots him before Palmer verifies the information about Syed Ali, it is in violation of the terms of her pardon. Uh, okay. That's news to everyone who was watching this pardon being negotiated last week, but hey, whatever. Nina reminds Kiefer that while she might go to jail, he'll be dead. But then, he's going die anyway, right? Kiefer kontinues to walk. Nina starts to follow him, and in doing so, she allows the sharpshooter to get a shot at her hand. She falls. CTU agents rush in and take Nina kaptive. She looks up from the ground angrily. Kiefer watches with a shit-eating grin on his face while they take her away. And yet again we have another seemingly difficult situation resolved at the top of the "hour."

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