Day 2: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

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Conspiracy? What conspiracy?

Back at CTU, Bitchelle compares voiceprints to verify that Lady Mac is Lady Mac and EvilChrisElliott is EvilChrisElliott. And no, I have no idea where they got a sample of ECE's voice. Chappelle tells Kiefer that a SWAT team is eleven minutes away. But Kiefer can't wait. They have to go now. Especially since the live audio feed is up and running. "What's to prevent ECE from shooting me the moment I appear?" asks Lady Mac. Um, the fact that you are the most fabulous thing about this episode? "ECE won't do anything until he gets Hightops," explains Kiefer. But what about when they find out that Kiefer and Lady Mac don't have Hightops? Kiefer promises that he'll be covering Lady Mac's back. This is cold comfort for Lady Mac, considering the condition Kiefer is in. "I might not get out alive," says Lady Mac. "I'm not going to lie to you, Lady Mac, but that is a possibility," says Kiefer. "I'm doing this for David," says Lady Mac, asking Kiefer to pass along that piece of information "in case something happens." Kiefer agrees, sends her into the Coliseum, and has another little heart problem.

Back at Division, Palmer enters the boardroom where PMHC has been hanging out and asks why he's been summoned. PMHC explains about the live feed they're about to listen to. "Kiefer found EvilChrisElliott?" exclaims Palmer. "Yes," says PMHC. "But it won't be Kiefer who'll be talking to ECE." This hardly matters to Palmer, since the important issue is that ECE is incriminated. "What is it?" asks Palmer, since PMHC can't make eye contact with him. "It's Lady Mac who'll be talking to ECE," says PMHC. Palmer doesn't understand. PMHC explains that Lady Mac was recruited by ECE and was a part of all of this. Palmer can't believe that Lady Mac would be behind a nuclear war. PMHC explains that she might not have known who she was really dealing with, and she's working to bring ECE down "at considerable risk to herself." Palmer makes a frowny face of disbelief.

Lady Mac enters the Coliseum and, well, I'm all out of criticism for their choice of locale because it is friggin' beautiful. The sun is hitting the cream-colored limestone perfectly, casting monumental shadows and making it look like a de Chirico painting. Although I have to wonder how they got in. Aren't these places locked up if they're not in use? Lady Mac stands there alone, waiting for ECE. The time is 07:30:06 AM.

The time is 07:34:30 AM. Klockwise from the top left, Bitchelle does something computer-y, a sniper aims at Lady Mac, PMHC stares intently at something, and Palmer stares intently at something. Coliseum. More "rattlesnake" music plays as Lady Mac is still waiting for ECE. Finally he shows up with some minions and tells the sniper via radio not to shoot Lady Mac until they find out where Hightops is. Kiefer is hiding in the recesses of the stadium. Finally, ECE enters and meets Lady Mac. Jesus, is EvilChrisElliott ugly. I mean, can you imagine being a "character actor" like him and knowing that every time you are hired, it's because you are astonishingly unappealing to look at? He looks her over, and even gives her the quasi-sexual wire search that we've enjoyed in movies like Go. Satisfied that Lady Mac is not wearing a wire, ECE asks her where Hightops is. Lady Mac replies that Hightops is "safe." She changes the subject and accuses him of lying to her about the nature of the B-O-M-B. "You used Yulin and you used me," says Lady Mac, asserting that ECE won't get Hightops until she's safe from prosecution. Meanwhile, on a split screen, Bitchelle gets a match on ECE's voice while Kiefer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Palmer, and PoorMan'sAlexanderHaig listen in. Lady Mac promises that she'll give ECE Hightops's location as soon as she's safe. ECE hands over the phone recordings…or what he insists are the phone recordings. "No, I want all of them," says Lady Mac, somehow able to tell what's on the cartridges from just looking at them. "I want Cyprus." ECE asks Lady Mac why she wants the Cyprus recordings, since she "had nothing to do with that." Lady Mac replies that she wants them for "insurance." "Once the country goes to war," says ECE, "the government's never going to let that be exposed." Meanwhile, a split screen establishes that PoorMan'sAlexanderHaig is listening and realizing that the Cyprus recordings were indeed falsified. He confirms that Kiefer has proven his case. Meanwhile, Lady Mac, pretending to be satisfied by ECE's explanation, explains that when she reaches her "safe" destination, she'll call ECE and tell him where Hightops is. "Scott," says ECE into his walkie-talkie. "Take her out." Sniper fire is not forthcoming, so ECE asks one of his minions to shoot her. Kiefer shoots the minions first and yells for Lady Mac to run like the wind.

Gunfire. Gunfire. Gunfire. Lady Mac running…and giving Spawn a "run" for her money. Shooting. Shooting. Palmer listening in horror. Bitchelle listening in horror. More shooting. More running. Lady Mac reaches the safety of a vomitorium and hides out. By the way, by "vomitorium," I'm not referring to a place where the ancient Romans threw up after a large meal. "Vomitorium" is actually an architectural term describing the passageway in a coliseum where the audience enters in order to take their seats. You learn something new every day, don't you? Gunfire. Gunfire. Some ECE minions go down. Lady Mac clutches her side, probably in pain from the shanking she got from Hightops. Kiefer katches up to Lady Mac, and they run toward the exit, and into an ECE minion who has a fistfight with Kiefer. Does Kiefer take him? Of course he does. Meanwhile, Lady Mac runs toward the exit at Kiefer's velvety request. The ECE minion goes down, and Kiefer slumps to the ground, clutching his chest. He stumbles over to a stadium seat, but suffers another heart attack before he can reach it.

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