Day 2: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

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Conspiracy? What conspiracy?

CTU. Chappelle is on the phone in Ye Olde Kiefer Kube, accepting credit from the district director, somewhat, for his work that "day." Soul Patch enters and evicts him from his office. "Either fire me or get out of my chair," says Soul Patch. Chappelle gets up from behind Soul Patch's desk and relinquishes it. Bitchelle enters with news that the "new shift is here." "I was thinking I'd get my brother and go home," adds Bitchelle. Soul Patch thanks her for all of her hard work, and reminds her that she was right back when they clashed about the validity of the Cyprus audio. He tells her to go home and get some rest. Bitchelle is visibly disappointed and turns to leave. But before she can, he calls her back. "See you tomorrow," he says. Bitchelle lights up and blushes.

The L.A. Coliseum. Cate and Spawn arrive just as Kiefer is getting medical attention. Spawn sees her prostrate and shirtless father and runs to his side. "It's going to be all right," says Kiefer. No it's not, but whatever. "I'm going to take care of you," says Spawn, kissing his five-head. Uh oh. Meanwhile Cate looks on a la Stella Dallas, touched by the family reunion she herself isn't part of.

Meanwhile, at this press conference that Asian Patty put together in, like, two minutes, Palmer urges the assembled multi-racial crowd to feel safe and to keep living their lives. "Go back to work," says Palmer. "Go back to school, because the freedom that we earn everyday is the very thing that will defeat our enemies and make us strong. God bless America." Everyone applauds. Everything's okay now, no? No. In the crowd is a brunette that we all know and love: Mandy. She makes her way over to Palmer and his adoring public and shakes his hand. The screen splits. Carrie and Chappelle leave CTU, Lady Mac is led away from the Coliseum in handcuffs, and Kiefer basks in the glow of his daughter. Mandy walks over to a private place and removes a plastic shield from her hand, putting it into an aluminum case. Meanwhile, Max's phone rings. "It's done," says Mandy. "Thank you," says Max. Palmer looks at his hand. It's burnt, and he has trouble breathing. He falls to the ground. The Secret Service aim their guns at a non-existent shooter. An ambulance is called for. The time is 07:59:57...07:59:58…07:59:59…08:00:00 AM.

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