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Survivor: The Family Edition

Electric Blue Kiefer. Same season recap as last week about the B-O-M-B. "Due to some graphic violence, viewer discretion is advised." This gets me totally revved, because the best episodes are always the ones that have this warning at the beginning. Previouslys. Palmer links Yulin to Rogue Colonel Sanders and subsequently has him tortured for information. Spawn runs into the woods and falls into a trap. Even wild cougars find her unappetizing. Marie is Syed Ali's errand girl. Cate is Kiefer's errand girl. Kiefer finds Syed Ali, but he burst into flames. Or did he? The following takes place between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

Temple El-Kaboom. Ambulances, choppers, and armed government employees swarm the front entrance of this local L.A. Mosque…where lots of Muslims pray each day who aren't terrorists. Stretchers and other medical equipment are brought in frantically. The camera closes in for a significant amount of time on the serpentine design above the front entrance. Meanwhile, inside the Mosque, HotAsianDudeFromAngel is telling Cate to go outside and otherwise get out of the way of their investigation. "Kiefer told me to stay," insists Cate a.k.a. She Of The Magical Recognition Powers. Kiefer, who just happens to be walking by, interrupts and tells HotAsianFromAngel that Cate is an important part of the investigation. He reminds HAFA that Cate has to make the final identification of Ali. I'm getting the feeling that every episode…I mean, "hour" for the next few weeks is going to begin with a justification of Cate's presence. And then I'm thinking that in four or five episodes the lost boys of CTU will grudgingly admit that they've developed a fondness for the lace doilies and tea settings that Cate decorated the clubhouse with, and they let Cate join their gang. Her role will be to dispense moral boosting advice along with cups of strong Darjeeling, sing the occasional heartwarming song when someone really needs inspiration, and cook, clean, and tuck everyone in by nine.

Anyway, HAFA shows Kiefer a Ziploc bag containing the sooty remains of a piece of paper found on the guy who was dressed up like Ali and set on fire, whose nickname from here on out shall be Shish-Ke-Bob. Kiefer tells HAFA to send the scrap of paper to CTU and have them analyze it. Next, he makes his way over to the imam of Temple El-Kaboom, who has been peacefully detained by CTU agents inside the mosque. Kiefer asks the imam if he's trying to protect Syed Ali. The imam -- in a monologue brought to you by the Muslim Anti-Defamation League -- declares that any Muslim who commits terrorist acts is guilty in the eyes of Islam, and that he will help Kiefer as much as he can. "If you find this man," he says, "maybe I can talk to him as you cannot." "Thank you," says Kiefer, enveloping his new pal, the Muslim Holy Man Who Is Not A Terrorist, in a coat of Sutherland velvet. Their conversation is interrupted by a CTU Stormtrooper -- I don't know what he is, but he's in a really big helmet -- who shows Kiefer a trapdoor in the mosque that hadn't been mentioned in CTU's copy of the floor plans. Kiefer opens the trap door and goes down solo, explaining to the stormtrooper that Ali could kill himself if he saw a bunch of CTU stormtroopers coming his way. In the basement, Kiefer finds a labyrinth of hallways.

Meanwhile, Syed Ali is indeed in that basement. While trying to avoid discovery, he calls Raggedy Marie, who is cruising down some freeway in her Blondemobile, on his cell phone. "There has been change of plans," says Ali, gesturing with his gun. He tells her that he might not make it to the "rendezvous point" in time, so if he doesn't show up, Marie will know what to do. "Do you remember what I said yesterday?" asks Ali. "I remember," says Raggedy Marie. They hang up, and Ali wanders around the basement. Kiefer finds him, sneaks up behind him, grabs him, keeps his mouth open, and yells for backup. Backup comes -- pretty fast, considering that Kiefer made them all stay upstairs. Cate shows up as well and IDs him. "That's him," says Cate. "That is Syed Ali. That is Syed Ali!" Kiefer asks that Cate be removed from the room in an unintentionally funny moment. After a bloody struggle -- one that reminds me of the struggle I have to endure every time I have to brush my dogs' teeth -- Kiefer removes the cyanide capsule from Ali's mouth. Whose blood is that? I have no idea. They also find Syed's cell phone, and Kiefer asks HAFA to find out who he just called.

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