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Are you my B-O-M-B?

Electric Blue Kiefer. The whole "terrorist threat" monologue is given for the benefit of the late-coming American Idol crowd. 24. Previouslys. Kiefer interrogates Syed Ali and even threatens the lives of Ali's family until he finds out that the B-O-M-B is at Norton Airfield, where they're putting it on a plane to fly it over the city. Lady Mac puts on a trench and a fedora so she can have an offsite catfight with Rolaide for some reason that I've forgotten about. Spawn meets the Unabomber's hunky cousin and goes back to his cabin. Cate now knows that her sister is a terrorist, having it heard it straight from My Pretty Pony's mouth. The bomb is ready.

Sirens. A fleet of CTU agents escort the Kiefmobile on its way to Norton Airfield. Cate sits beside Kiefer in the passenger seat, drained of energy. Soul Patch calls to tell Kiefer that he'll be at Norton Airfield sometime after the next commercial break…I mean, "in fifteen minutes." Kiefer asks if Panama Hack has covered more numbers from the sooty piece of paper. Soul Patch says that he hasn't. Kiefer asks after Spawn. Soul Patch admits that he has no idea where she is, and wonders why she hasn't contacted them. Kiefer explains that because of that whole "wanted for murder" thing, she's not going to be in touch. "We have to find her," says Kiefer. Soul Patch promises to put every resource "they can spare" on it.

Meanwhile, Spawn and her new friend, the Lonnie-bomber, are making their way through the forest, but the road to his cabin is long. In fact, things have gotten so cozy in the last few minutes that Spawn is wearing Lonnie's army jacket. Aw! The Lonnie-bomber stops to examine Spawn's ankle and concludes that they've got to get her to a doctor. Again, Spawn and the Lonnie-bomber tiptoe around the fact that Spawn is on the lam. Finally, they reach the Lonnie-bomber's cabin. It's a humble cabin with a porch and a giant pile of stacked firewood. In other words, no indications that Kevin Dillon is going to go Kathy Bates on Spawn or make her into a coat. Hey, I think she's going to be super-comfortable here. She'll just hang out here until the morning until Kiefer finds the B-O-M-B. That's right, Spawn's troubles are over.

Meanwhile, at NSA, Palmer enters Yulin's interrogation room and asks Yulin if he's ready to cooperate. Yulin doesn't answer, so Palmer orders Simmons -- who doesn't get any lines tonight -- to continue with the torture. But wait, Yulin is ready to speak. Palmer excuses Simmons, who packs up his defibrillator paddles and shuffles out of there. Bye, Simmons, you had a nice butt! Okay, so here's what Yulin had to say, and you better read carefully, because I had to watch this episode twice to get everything straight. Apparently, Yulin and the conspiracy knew about the bomb weeks ago. They allowed the Second Wave to bring it "unimpeded" into the country and had the Coral Snakes, those dudes with the snake tattoos, track it every step of the way. They were supposed to "take the B-O-M-B out of play" at the last possible moment. Why was Yulin doing this? He felt that Palmer's defense policy was too passive and needed "balls." Yeah, that's right. Yulin just said "balls." Palmer tells Yulin to call Colonel Sanders and have them secure the B-O-M-B now. But Yulin can't. According to Yulin, the Coral Snakes haven't been accepting any new communications for the last three hours, and won't be until the mission is complete. Um, what army would essentially leave their phone off the hook at the most crucial part of their mission? "Then where were they?" asks Palmer. "WHERE WERE THEY????" "Norton Airfield, Los Angeles," replies Yulin. Dun dun dun!

Back at the Lonnie-bomber's cabin, the Lonnie-bomber is putting his gun away on a gun rack with about seven other rifles, and telling Spawn where the shower is. "The door has a lock," says the Lonnie-bomber, reassuring Spawn that she can shower in private. Spawn relaxes and decides to freshen up. Yeah, that whole "lock" thing was a nice touch, Lonnie. He builds a fire in the wood stove. Oh, I can see where this is going. The next eleven hours are going to be just comfy and cozy for Spawn. There's no plot twist coming. No way! Crackle crackle crackle goes the roaring fire on the hearth. Pass the mini-marshmallows!

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