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If These Perforated Aluminum Wall Dividers Could Talk...

Electric Blue Kiefer. 24. Previouslys. Yulin swears that the B-O-M-B couldn't possibly go off, since Colonel Sanders and the Coral Snakes are following it every step of the way. Oh, but then Kiefer finds a bunch of dead Coral Snakes, so there goes that theory. Lady Mac gets busted. Spawn is lured into some strange guy's bomb shelter. The "mission" depends on Raggedy Marie now, according to Syed Ali, but Justin Al-Guarini is flying the plane over L.A. with the B-O-M-B in it. Kiefer katches him before the plane gets off the ground, but a fake B-O-M-B is found inside. The real B-O-M-B is still at large. I repeat, the real B-O-M-B is still at large.

John Cougar Mellencamp has left the building after a particularly jamming concert at the Hynes Auditorium in Boston, Massachusetts. This tour is really for the fans, y'know? Roadies break down the set, put all the sound equipment into those wheeled cases, and load it into a van while interns at the Emerson University television station who are recording the concert for a simulcast pack up as well. Security finds a male stalker backstage who bears a striking resemblance to Justin Guarini, so they remove him. Oh, wait. It's Norton Airfield. The fake B-O-M-B (a poor man's nuclear warhead? PMNW? Faux-B-O-M-B?) is scanned for clues, and Kiefer tries to question Justin Al-Guarini, who unfortunately doesn't speak any English. Okay, call me old school, but I have always felt that if you're going to launch a terrorist attack against a country, you should probably learn at least a few phrases of said country's native language. Am I right? Otherwise, you're being rude and disrespectful…like going to a restaurant in France and asking for ketchup. Plus, how can you hate America enough to nuke it unless you've caught a rerun of Blossom? And yes, I know they dub it for international syndication, but it's just not the same. Kiefer requests an interpreter. I repeat, Kiefer requests an interpreter.

CTU. Up in the old Kiefer Kube, Mason's hair is falling out in clumps. I repeat, Mason is losing his hair. He digs through a first aid kit for something -- an over-the-counter remedy for radiation sickness? -- and looks in the mirror. Things don't look so good. A receptionist buzzes him to tell him that Kiefer's on line one. Kiefer wants Mason to use some Whatever Satellite Technology to trace where the real B-O-M-B was taken. Mason isn't really present, and Kiefer notices. He tells Mason that for the sake of the investigation, Mason needs to step down and let someone more able-bodied run things. "There is no one else," says Mason dryly. Kiefer suggests Soul Patch. Mason changes the subject and tells Kiefer about the seventh Coral Snake. Kiefer says that he already suspected something like that, since the gunshot wounds indicate that the first three shootees must have known and trusted the shooter. Meanwhile, a search of Justin Al-Guarini has turned up absolutely no identification. He keeps akalaking like he's willing to talk, but no one can understand what he's saying. Kiefer radios for the interpreter once again. I repeat, Kiefer radios for the interpreter once again.

Over at that secured area at Norton Airfield, Cate is getting bored hanging out and waiting to have unspoken chemistry with Kiefer again, so she picks up a cell phone and calls Papa Crew. Where she got a phone and where Papa Crew got a phone -- let alone how he got permission to talk on it while in CTU custody -- I have no idea. Cate explains -- sorta -- that she's helping "one of the agents" with the investigation. I guess Cate felt left out being the only Warner up until now who isn't involved in some sort of clandestine mission. They discuss Reza's death and Marie's secret life as a terrorist. Needless to say, they are both shocked by everything they've learned today. Their conversation is interrupted by Kiefer. He needs Cate to translate since the interpreter isn't there yet. I hope she remembers some other words besides "prayer."

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