Day 3: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

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Nina lives

"Kiefer will make three mistakes. His first? Letting her live. His second? Trusting her. And his third? Maybe the last he'll ever make." So wait? What was the third mistake? Previouslys. Lady Mac still believes in Palmer's presidency, so she digs up a witness to one of William Ocean's drunk driving accidents. But Ocean's people get to him before he's of any use. Potato Face ain't got no baby. So who is that little pie-faced bundle sleeping on Spawn's desk? Kiefer fails to get the V-I-R-U-S. Faggy Amador switches it before the deal is made and hightails it out of Mexico…but not without ambushing the Delta team. The following takes place between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM.

Whatever, Mexico. Kiefer and Special Agent Charlie Brown have both split up and are searching the woods for Nina. Charlie radios Kiefer and tells him about a light he sees in the distance. "Is that you?" asks Charlie. "Negative," replies Kiefer. He tells Charlie to go check it out. Charlie draws his gun and approaches the source of the light. It turns out to be a dead Delta team member, and he has this flashlight resting on his neck that shines on this face from below. Like when you're at a sleepover and you tell ghost stories and use the spooky flashlight on your face to make it extra scary. That's totally what this dead Delta force member looks like. "Stop right there," says a familiar female voice. It's Nina. With a gun. She makes Chase drop his gun and radio Kiefer on the "two-way." Per Nina's orders, Charlie Brown tells Kiefer about a "code six." I don't know what a code six is, and no one explains, either. But obviously Nina remembers what a code six was from her CTU days, and so does Kiefer. "So what about the light you saw?" asks Kiefer. "It's nothing," says Special Agent Charlie Brown. Nina makes Charlie turn off the "two-way" and hand it over to her.

Nina asks about the Delta team. Charlie Brown assures her they "went North." "What about Amador?" asks Nina. "He escaped with the V-I-R-U-S," explains Charlie Brown. "He ripped off everybody." Nina's face reacts like a restaurant patron who's just been informed that she's been drinking Folgers Crystals instead of premium fresh-brewed coffee. "Son of a bitch," she exclaims, and makes a little frowny face. As she directs Charlie Brown to walk down the hill, Kiefer jumps out of nowhere and cold-cocks her. Once he establishes that Charlie is okay and that Nina is secured, he tells Charlie to contact the airfield and make arrangements for their flight back to L.A. "What are you going to do to her?" asks Charlie suspiciously. Um, Charlie? I know you didn't totally fuck up the V-I-R-U-S interception, and actually you were a big help doing…whatever it was you did to help out the Delta teams. But you violated a buttload of protocol to get there, and therefore you need to suck it up and thank your lucky stars you aren't at Leavenworth right now. Also? Kiefer just saved your ass. Don't question him. Kiefer, instead of saying "mind your own business, dickwad!", assures Charlie that he's only going to interrogate Nina. "No he's not!" yelps Nina. Charlie is torn between his concern for the health and safety of a woman who just had a gun pointed at his head and the proper respect for his boss who just saved his life a few times. After much careful deliberation, Special Agent Charlie Brown decides to let Kiefer be, and arranges to meet Kiefer back at the airfield after he kills -- I mean, "interrogates" Nina. As soon as Charlie leaves, Nina -- her head as high as Kiefer's belt buckle -- begs for her life, reminding Kiefer that she can help him track Amador and find the V-I-R-U-S. "The only reason he chose this town is because it's close to the border," Nina says. "He needs to get back to Los Angeles. Once he doesn't he's going to meet somebody, unload the V-I-R-U-S and disappear. I can help you find him!" At this, Kiefer can't really shoot Nina in good conscience, although he clearly thinks about doing it anyway. He calls Soul Patch and tells him that he has Nina in custody and that she says that Amador is in L.A.. "Do you believe her?" asks Soul Patch. "I think she knows something," says Kiefer. "And I think she wants to cut a deal."

Back at CTU, Soul Patch and Bitchelle exchange knowing glances before Soul Patch tells Potato Face to go talk to Chappelle. "For what?" asks Potato Face, her eyes widening as if Chappelle actually disciplines people. You see, it's like there are two Chappelles. There's Chappelle, the Platonic idea of the man who holds everyone's jobs in his iron fists, and then there's Chappelle, the actual bureaucrat who tells you he's going to punish you for something but then he forgets all about it within a couple of hours. Potato Face seems to think she is going to visit Platonic Chappelle. Bravely, she stomps off to meet her non-fate. Then Soul Patch calls Spawn to tell her that her father and boyfriend are returning to Los Angeles and to warn her that they're bringing Nina with her. Because, you see, no one is treating Spawn any different because she's the boss's daughter and she's emotionally fragile and reads at a seventh grade level. No, Spawn is a trusted member of a highly important anti-terrorist unit, and her own personal feelings can easily take a back seat to more important issues like saving the Los Angeles area from the V-I-R-U-S; she never needs to be spoon-fed sensitive pieces of information such as the news that the woman who killed her mother is going to be hanging out in the office. No sirree! "Thank you, Soul Patch!" says Spawn, putting down the phone and handing a rattle over to that baby they're making her take care of. You know, it's too bad CTU doesn't have a section for kids like Ikea has where you just drop your kid in one of those big tanks full of ping-pong balls and leave her there.

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