Day 3: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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Low Noon
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Previously on 24: Senator Keeler had "proof" that Palmer lied to the police in the form of Alan Milliken's prescription bottle. Brother Palmer offered to try to steal the bottle from Lady Mac, because he is stupid. Soul Patch was ready to trade Spawnders for Bitchelle, but Kiefer put a stop to that so he could do the trade his way. Spawnders lost her nerve, the swap went south, and Saunders made a break for it, but Kiefer captured him with the help of a couple of handy fighter planes. Kiefer demanded to know where the remaining eleven vials of the virus were, but Saunders wasn't inclined to share. The following takes place between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Kiefer sounds glad that he doesn't have to give two morning times with the same amount of emphasis on both "AM"s for a change.

Things have calmed down under the Sixth Street Bridge. Soul Patch is giving a statement, firefighters are hosing down Saunders's burned-out helicopter, Saunders's henchmen are in body bags on the pavement, Special Agent Charlie Brown is getting a new bandage on his perforated hand, and Spawnders is experimenting with some new blank expressions. Kiefer approaches a CTU agent who's fiddling with a confiscated laptop. The agent tells Kiefer he's working on pulling the locations of the missing eleven vials, which is going to be tricky. Of course. Kiefer walks around to where a handcuffed Saunders is standing and asks where the vials are. Saunders tells him that he's wasting his time; he doesn't have the information in his laptop. Awfully nice of him to share that. Kiefer asks again. I'm just going to type a number every time he does that, preceded by the letter K. So we're at K2 now. Saunders boasts that his couriers are true believers in his cause, and it looks like he was serious about his motivation a few episodes ago. Too bad, but it's too late to do anything about that now. Kiefer reminds Saunders of the eight hundred victims at Inn Fection, and Saunders blows them off as the "first casualties." Kiefer wants to know "what happened to" Saunders, and all he gets is a smug smile and a lot of whining about how he was abandoned by the people he worked for. Yeah, that would suck, but you knew going in that that could happen, you crybaby. Saunders reveals that his men have been instructed to release the virus at noon, and that he'll only stop them if Kiefer agrees to his terms: he wants to be on his private plane from Van Nuys to North Africa. Ooh, how exciting! Just imagine flying to North Africa: you get off the plane at the North Africa Airport, you see all the signs saying "Welcome to North Africa," hear people speaking North African everywhere. Kiefer's not up for that, so Saunders tells him that in that case, hundreds of thousands will die. He reminds Kiefer that the Bosnian Secret Police couldn't break him in two years, and wonders if Kiefer will be able to break him in less than an hour. Kiefer looks as if he'd like to try. Maybe it would help if someone got him a box to stand on; it's hard to intimidate someone who towers over you. Kiefer steps out of Saunders's earshot and calls for Spawnders into his walkie-talkie.

A tall, shaven-headed guy in a suit walks up to Soul Patch and asks for his gun. Soul Patch hands it over. Cue Ball then orders Soul Patch frisked, and two other agents spin him around to comply. Special Agent Charlie Brown sees this and steps up to Soul Patch's defense, but Cue Ball isn't impressed. Kiefer approaches as well, and when Cue Ball announces that Soul Patch is being taken into custody, Kiefer apologetically tells Soul Patch there's nothing he can do right now. Soul Patch puts on a brave face as he's led away in handcuffs. It's 11:06:40. Kiefer's order for a fresh, hot Spawnders arrives promptly, and he asks her to try to talk her dad out of his plan. Kiefer gives her a little pep talk, neglecting to mention that her life may depend on her success. Spawnders approaches her father, who has the decency to look embarrassed about the imminent conversation. Spawnders tries to prevail on Saunders to abandon his plan, but he insists he's doing it for her sake, to make the world a better place. Well, it'll be a less crowded place, in any event. Spawnders gives up on him and storms off in disgust. Kiefer, seeing this, tells his walkie-talkie to "get the choppers ready."

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