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Brother, Brother

Well, now that 24 has won a Golden Globe -- and Kiefer didn't -- Fox is spending a little more time and money on the before-show promos. No more "Electric Blue Kiefer." This time, everyone is in the promo: The Salazars, Lady Mac, Charlie Brown, Spawn, Palmer, Brother Palmer, etc. Scenes from past and present are mixed together to invite viewers to check out all the soapy, sexy, and suspenseful action, like Nina and Kiefer kissing; and Lady Mac telling Palmer that she can be whoever he wants her to be -- and that hasn't even happened yet. God, this show looks so much better when you're just seeing snippets of it. 24. Blip blip blip blip blip. Previouslys. '80s hitmaker Billy Ocean guest-starred as a rich, powerful man who would bring down Palmer -- or at least his health-care bill, if Palmer didn't fire his brother. Palmer called on Lady Mac for some help. Kiefer was trying to keep the world safe from the V-I-R-U-S. Poor Man's Angelina Jolie lent him a hand -- if Kiefer promised to help get the idiotic members of her family out of the country -- and helped to save Special Agent Charlie Brown from the Salazar torture squad. Hector shot Poor Man's Angelina Jolie in the head as she tried to escape with Charlie Brown. A funny thing happened on the way to the V-I-R-U-S auction: Nina got it. Kiefer had to make out with her to convince her to sell it back to the Salazars.

We open at CTU, where Assistant Vice-Principal Chappelle and Adam the Woman Hater are functioning as townsfolk in some Jacobean drama in that they are supplying the expository dialogue while the main actors change into their costumes backstage and put the finishing touches on their makeup. Chappelle wants to know if Amador is moving. According to Adam, Amador is still at the same location. They don't know much about the area because the "infrared" is "low res," but apparently it's a rural area with a lot of "bodies and vehicles" "Give him space," says Chappelle. "We want to make sure he feels safe enough to take delivery." Oh, good thing Chappelle told Adam about the "space" thing, because Adam was thisclose to jumping into a helicopter, going down to Whatever Mexico, and asking Amador what direction their relationship was headed. "What's the latest on [Special Agent Charlie Brown]?" asks Chappelle as the screen splits to reveal Charlie Brown, Juan Voight, and Little Sergio looking up at the sky. Adam states that Charlie Brown phoned in his position, and that the "Delta teams" are picking him up.

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