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You've Got To Be Somebody's Baby!

In Palmerville, Lady Mac approaches a glass-walled conference rooms, where Palmer is having a meeting. She waits until the meeting is over and everyone files out. The first person out is Brother Palmer, who pointedly ignores her. When Palmer is alone, Lady Mac enters and tells him she's leaving the office to go do something William Ocean, III-related. Palmer asks her for some information about the leverage she has with William Ocean, III. Lady Mac claims that she can't divulge any details. Palmer pauses briefly, and finally decides to let this go. I mean, sure, she brought nuclear weapons into the country just to embarrass him, but hey, that was three years ago, and that's why pencils have erasers. There's no need to check up on Lady Mac. Palmer is concerned, however, that Lady Mac refused a Secret Service escort. "That's because the person I'm seeing might scare if I don't come alone," says Lady Mac. "Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself." Palmer assures her that he knows she can, and Lady Mac turns to leave. She pauses briefly at the door and says, "I still believe in your presidency." Um, you'd better, Lady Mac, since it's his presidential pardon that's keeping your ass out of jail right now. She assures him that William Ocean, III will be stopped.

Back at CTU, Soul Patch is briefing the staff (or, rather, explaining to the audience was isn't going to happen). He points out Posta Mita on a map -- the location where the V-I-R-U-S will be given to Nina in a half-hour -- and states that there are Delta teams bunkered two minutes away from the site ready to intercept the V-I-R-U-S as soon as Kiefer gives konfirmation. Bitchelle asks if Kiefer's transmitter is working yet. Soul Patch replies that it isn't, but that Special Agent Charlie Brown will be the eyes and ears of the operation. "Who is running s-com?" asks Bitchelle. At that point, Potato Face announces that she is running s-com -- whatever s-com is -- and then proceeds to deliver an explanation of some software she wrote that comes out of her mouth so fast, I can't tell what she's saying no matter how often I rewind my TiVo. Bitchelle thanks Potato Face for the info.

Back at Posta Mita, "militaristic" music plays -- synthesized "rat-a-tat" drums and blaring Casio trumpets -- as sooty-faced Special Agent Charlie Brown sets up a Whatever Technology listening device mere yards away from the building where Nina and Amador are to meet. The Salazar Motorcade enters the parking lot -- that was fast -- and, unobserved, Charlie Brown witnesses everyone emerging from their SUVs. Kiefer pulls Hartmano aside and tells him that his men have to be "out of sight" before Amador arrives. Hartmano agrees, and tells everyone, in Spanish, to disappear. Meanwhile, Nina is still trying to convince Hartmano that Kiefer is setting them up. "I can prove it," she announces. Hartmano pulls Nina aside and asks her how she can prove it. As Kiefer sneaks a listen, Nina tells Hartmano that she knows how CTU operates, and that there will be a reconnaissance man watching them from a vantage point. "And you know where that man would be?" asks Hartmano. "Straight ahead, there's some high ground," says Nina breathlessly. "I bet he's there or ninety degrees west of the tree line." Hartmano orders a couple of men to investigate the locations that Nina's mentioned. "Approach from the sides in case the lady is right," Hartmano warns them. "I am right," Nina insists. Another shot of Chase informs us that he is still watching and listening.

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