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You've Got To Be Somebody's Baby!

Back at Posta Mita, Kiefer keeps a lookout for Amador. After Hartmano moves out of earshot, Nina keeps hounding Kiefer about working for CTU. "You don't know anything," says Kiefer, in velvety outrage. "My interests happen to coincide with Hartmano's at this point." "You may have convinced everyone else of that, but I don't believe it," hisses Nina. Kiefer warns her that she's going to get killed if she "keeps shooting [her] mouth off." Nina retorts that Hartmano will kill both of them when he gets the V-I-R-U-S once and for all. Hartmano enters with two bodyguards, who uncuff Nina. He tells the bodyguards to kill her if she causes any trouble.

Chase sees Nina leave with the bodyguard, and I have to admit that I'm confused at this point, because I thought they they were doing the deal in this building, but apparently they're going to some other building. Chase reports this information back to Potato Face at CTU, who passes the word on to Soul Patch, who tells everyone at CTU to get in place for the V-I-R-U-S trade. Bitchelle is told to ready the Delta teams. "This is it," says Soul Patch. Yeah, right. The time is 12:23:14 AM.

The time is 12:27:28 AM. CTU. As Potato Face communicates with Special Agent Charlie Brown about the V-I-R-U-S exchange, Soul Patch's cell rings. It's Spawn. "I need to talk to you in private," she says. "Right now?" asks Soul Patch. Spawn insists that she has something urgent to discuss with him about Potato Face.

Back in Palmerville, Palmer has just gotten a call from Lady Mac, who is standing outside Kelly's trailer and explaining what she has on William Ocean, III. Oh, good thing she didn't tell him what she was up to earlier in the hour. Those twelve minutes of ignorant bliss really helped out. "You want me to pardon this man's son? A convicted murderer?" Palmer exclaims into the phone. As Brother Palmer listens on speakerphone, Lady Mac explains about Kelly's being paid off to keep quiet about William Ocean, III's accident. "He'll swear to this?" asks Palmer. "All you have to do is pardon the son!" says Lady Mac. Palmer needs some time to think it over. He hangs up with Lady Mac, and asks Brother Palmer what he thinks. Brother Palmer doesn't like the sound of it. "Give in to [William Ocean, III], accept my resignation, and he'll back off," says Brother Palmer. ["For real. That's what would happen in real life." -- Wing Chun] Palmer insists he can't let William Ocean, III dictate his decisions. "But you're going to let your ex-wife convince you to grant a quid pro quo pardon to a convicted murderer," retorts Brother Palmer. See, at some point in the day, Palmer learned to embrace the backroom deal, and Brother Palmer became the moral center of Palmer's cabinet. Funny how that just happened. Palmer brings up Brother Palmer's wanting to pay off Dr. Anne's ex-husband. Brother Palmer doesn't have a response, other than, "You know I have your best interests at heart." Palmer assures Brother Palmer that the only way to fight someone is to "get down in the mud with him." "So you're going to grant the pardon?" asks Brother Palmer. "I don't know what I'm going to do," says Palmer.

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