Day 3: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

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You've Got To Be Somebody's Baby!

The time is 12:39:55 AM. Back at CTU, the Whatever Technology they use to connect to Charlie Brown in the field is down, according to Potato Face, so Adam the Woman Hater tries to get her some new audio filters to help her out. Soul Patch has gotten a call from Brother Palmer, bitching him out for executing a military action without notifying the Pentagon. "When this is over, the President will hold all three of you accountable," says Brother Palmer. "If you're calling me to reprimand me, you are doing us both a disservice," says Soul Patch. "I need to focus on this operation." However, Brother Palmer needs details about the operation, so for the forty-ninth time this evening, Soul Patch explains about the V-I-R-U-S, Nina, Amador, the Delta Teams, and Special Agent Charlie Brown. "Sounds like an awful lot of things are going to have to go perfectly in order to pull this off," says Brother Palmer. "That's true," says Soul Patch. "But we're pretty sure we have our bases covered." "'Pretty sure' isn't good enough," says Brother Palmer. "You make this happen."

Over on another part of the floor, Bitchelle, Potato Face, and Adam the Woman Hater receive word from Special Agent Charlie Brown that the V-I-R-U-S has been verified. Over in Mexico, Nina announces that the "signatures match." "It is the [V-I-R-U-S], I repeat, it is the [V-I-R-U-S]," yelps Special Agent Charlie Brown. However, just as Nina is about to place the V-I-R-U-S in her pocket, Amador reminds her that he can't give it to her until the "funds are in place." Nina calls the Whatever Savings and Loan of Switzerland and confirms the transaction. If I have to type "confirms the transaction," or some variation thereof, one more time, I'm going to start huffing oven cleaner. However, as this is being done, Amador is out of the shot with his back to all observers, doing god knows what. Switching the V-I-R-U-S? As soon as the transaction is confirmed (Easy Off! Huff!), Amador hands Nina a teeny aluminum case that looks like it was purchased at Ricky's Cosmetics, and thanks her for doing business with him. As everyone observes, Amador's vehicle pulls out of the parking lot and heads for points unknown. Soul Patch orders an arm of the Delta Team to "pick [Amador] up." Now Charlie Brown reports Nina's movements as she leaves the parking lot with the V-I-R-U-S. However, the audio goes wonky and they can't hear him back at CTU. So then there's this "wacky" sequence where Potato Face announces that she's switched satellites without telling anyone and starts running to other workstations and hitting random keys. Just when everyone is sneaking glances at each other and starting to think that Potato Face is an incompetent, baby-snatching psycho, the audio goes back up...and it's all thanks to Potato Face. Woo Potato Face! Oreida!

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