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You've Got To Be Somebody's Baby!

Back in Mexico, Charlie Brown watches as Nina and the Salazar bodyguard come back to Kiefer and Hartmano. Hartmano takes the case from her and looks inside. Yep, it glows. It must be the V-I-R-U-S. Just as Kiefer suggests that they get out of there, Hartmano pulls a gun on him. "I don't need you anymore," says Hartmano. "I thought we had a deal!" bleats Kiefer. Charlie tells CTU that Kiefer is in trouble, and the Delta teams won't be there in time. "My brother died because of you! Because of you!" shouts Hartmano. But just when he's about to shoot Kiefer, Charlie Brown shoots Hartmano...in the shoulder. Everyone starts shooting at each other and Nina runs into the woods. Kiefer grabs a Salazar flunkie's gun and starts shooting back at everyone. Just then, a Delta chopper arrives, and a van carrying Delta ground troups pulls up into the parking lot and starts firing missiles at the Salazars. Hartmano -- who is still is holding the V-I-R-U-S -- runs off into the woods, just like Nina. Kiefer sees this and runs after him. Charlie Brown reports all of this back to CTU. The time is 12:46:59 AM.

The time is 12:51:41 AM. Over at Milliken Manor, Mrs. Milliken (a.k.a. Aretha Ocean) removes her shoes, and then goes over to the refrigerator for some bottled water. Who removes her shoes in their kitchen? Her phone rings. It's Lady Mac. "I know what your husband is doing to David," says Lady Mac. "I can't do anything about that," replies Aretha Ocean. Lady Mac promises to help Aretha break free from a very controlling William Ocean without "giving up everything." Lady Mac wants to have a meeting, but Aretha can't leave the house without William Ocean wondering where she's going. "Then I'm coming to you," says Lady Mac.

Whatever, Mexico. Special Agent Charlie Brown and the Delta team catch up with Kiefer in the woods. Kiefer is relieved that Charlie is all right. He tells the team that their first priority is the V-I-R-U-S; their second is Hartmano. "Are we clear?" asks Kiefer. Everyone agrees, and the team splits up to find the V-I-R-U-S. After some walking through the woods, Kiefer comes up on Hartmano, who has paused in order to tend to his shoulder wound. Does Kiefer sneak up on him and seize the V-I-R-U-S? No. Instead, he gives Hartmano a warning from several yards away. "It's over, [Hartmano]!" cries Kiefer. "I'm not going back to jail," retorts Hartmano. Kiefer promises that they can cut a deal, because the V-I-R-U-S interception is the most important thing right now. Hartmano refuses to give up, and holds the V-I-R-U-S cylinder up in order to dissuade the troops from firing at him. "I have the authority to cut a deal," says Kiefer. "Just put the cylinder down!" All of a sudden, a creepy noise emits from the cylinder. It explodes, killing Hartmano, and throwing Kiefer and Charlie Brown a few yards. They writhe around on the ground for a while, and when they finally get to their feet, Kiefer takes Charlie's cell and calls Soul Patch. "We do not have the [V-I-R-U-S]. I repeat, we do not have the [V-I-R-U-S]!" he tells Soul Patch. "The cylinder [Hartmano] was carrying was rigged with a bomb. Amador must have switched it!" Soul Patch promises to send Delta teams after Amador, and asks if Nina was involved with this. "No, the bomb was meant for her," says Kiefer. Potato Face cuts in to announce that the Delta teams have caught up with Amador.

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