Day 3: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

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You've Got To Be Somebody's Baby!

Over at Amador's location, the Delta teams catch up to him, stop his Jeep, and hold him at gunpoint. "Get out of the vehicle now," shouts the leader of the Delta team. Amador gets out, puts his hands up, and gazes over at some nearby trees. Lo and behold, some of Amador's men have been lying in wait for the Delta team. They open fire on them and take them out. When the dust settles, Amador takes out his cell phone, stomps on it, and drives away.

Back at CTU, Bitchelle informs Soul Patch that the Delta team was ambushed just as Adam the Woman Hater tells Soul Patch that they've lost Amador's cell phone signal. Soul Patch reports this to Kiefer, who asks if they can still trace him via satellite. "No," says Soul Patch. "There's no visual satellite coverage of this area at this time." "We've gotta find Nina," Kiefer tells Chase.

Back in Amador's vehicle, Amador pulls another cylinder out from the breast pocket of his three-button suit -- the real V-I-R-U-S -- and places it in his aluminum briefcase. The time is 12:59:58...12:59:59...01:00:00 AM.

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