Day 3: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM

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Welcome to the Hotel Virus-fornia!

Due to some graphic violence, viewer discretion is advised. 24. Blip blip blip. Previouslys. Milliken is dead. Lady Mac lies about her own involvement. Brother Palmer finds out from Lady Milliken that Lady Mac stopped her from giving Milliken medicine that would have saved his life. Amador is in L.A. with the V-I-R-U-S. He hooks up with a man named Michael Alvers. All Richards does is inflict pain. Kiefer kills Nina when she tries to escape from CTU custody. The following takes place between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM.

CTU. Okay, remember how at the end of last week's episode, there were alarms going off, dead bodies everywhere and general mayhem because Nina escaped? Well, all of a sudden everything is just super calm and quiet. CTU employees are milling about, but like an audience filing slowly out of a movie theater. Bitchelle, who has apparently been sitting at her desk during all of this pandemonium, gets up and walks over to Soul Patch. "What happened?" she asks. "Nina Meyers is dead," says Soul Patch nonchalantly. "How?" asks Bitchelle. "Kiefer shot her," says Soul Patch, adding that Chappelle is on his way to talk to Kiefer about it right now. "Was it justified?" asks Bitchelle. Was it justified? If I worked in that office, I'd be all, "Where's her body? Who has to take it to the dump? Quick! Before she starts to smell!" "Kiefer wouldn't risk this operation just to get vengeance," answers Soul Patch. Bitchelle is skeptical "Are you sure about that?" she asks. Soul Patch doesn't answer. Wow! This is going to hang over Kiefer's head for a long long time.

Back in that room where Nina shot Bride (and which is hereby known as the room where Kiefer shot Nina), Chappelle enters just as Kiefer is handing over his gun to someone from Ballistics (as in, "don't go ballistic and shoot Nina, Kiefer! She's an important witness!"). Spawn is at his side. Chappelle tells the assembled agents to secure the area until forensics gets there, orders the surveillance footage pulled from the security camera, and asks Kiefer to "have a word" with him. Kiefer is all, "Give me a minute," and Chappelle is all, "No, Kiefer. Now!" Aw! It's so adorable the way Chappelle thinks that he runs CTU. And it's so cute the way the other agents go along with it and pretend to follow his orders and stuff. I bet he's got a tin badge and everything! Anyway, Kiefer and Chappelle walk down some corridor so they can talk alone. Chappelle asks him what happened, and Kiefer says that Nina tried to escape, so he shot her in self-defense. "Nina was our best chance at locating this V-I-R-U-S," says Chappelle. "She was a material witness in an ongoing investigation." Kiefer puts his face homoerotically close to Chappelle's. "I know exactly what she was," says Kiefer. "Division's going to want me to certify this shooting," says Chappelle, starting to lose his composure in the face of Kiefer's velvety whisper. "Then do it," says Kiefer. Chappelle glances down at Kiefer's package and tells him to come and watch the security playback. Kiefer says he'll be right there.

As Kiefer meditates on the latest events, Special Agent Charlie Brown enters. "Are you all right?" he says to Spawn, with the most wooden delivery I've heard since Li'l Lisa was still a member of the cast. "I got here as soon as I heard." I mean, it's like, instead of having a near fatal encounter with Nina, Spawn just took an eye exam for her driver's license. Kiefer walks by them and tells Spawn that he's got to go talk to Chappelle. "I can take care of her," says Special Agent Charlie Brown, and then he and Kiefer have a little mini-turf-war staring contest before Kiefer finally exits to get his slap on the wrist from Chappelle. Um, I mean, "before Kiefer exits to get his severe punishment from Chappelle." Spawn and Charlie walk over to Nina's body -- or rather, the body of some extra whose face isn't visible because they didn't want to pay Sarah Clarke for appearing in this episode. "She tried to kill me," says Spawn, totally dazed. "It's over now," says a very wooden Charlie. "I don't know what happened," says Spawn, going over the event in her mind. "He told me to leave the room and I heard shots." "You'resafethat'sallthatmatters," says Charlie. "Ever since Nina killed my mother, I've wanted her dead," says Spawn. "And now that she is, it's not going to bring my mother back and I didn't think I was going to feel this way." "Howdoyoufeel?" asks Charlie. "I'm not sure," says Spawn. As Spawn and Charlie walk away from the crime scene, the cameras focus briefly on a sign on the wall that says, "Danger High Voltage."

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