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Inn Fection

Electric Blue Kiefer, Spawn, Palmer, Kiefer, Spawn, Kiefer. Or something like that. Viewer discretion for violence. Portentous voice-over about Kiefer chasing a V-I-R-U-S for the past fifteen hours, with flashback scenes from the past fifteen episodes. Where's Kocaine Kyle? Where are the Salazar brothers? Where's Dr. Anne? Tater Tot? Gone like Trotsky from a USSR high school textbook. Judging from the flash-forward introducing the nine final episodes, it's all about Saunders now. Stephen Saunders. No, not the balding frat-weasel from 90210. That was Steve Sanders. Saunders is British. And therefore, a superior classy villain. As I hope we'll find out. Because he's looking kind of smug and annoying in this preview.

Previouslys. Lady Mac kills Milliken…or fails to save his life, depending on how you look at it. Euro villains bring the HoYay! Kiefer kaptures Faggy Amador and learns about the V-I-R-U-S planted in the Chandler Hotel. CTU calls the Chandler Hotel security office, where Gay Matt from Melrose is in charge. Bitchelle and Gael arrive there too late. The V-I-R-U-S has been directed through the airways, and Gael gets a faceful of Cordilla. The following takes place between 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM.

We open with the very image that we closed with five weeks ago: the whirring fan blades down in the basement of Inn Fection. Gael, who just got powdered seconds ago, is clean as a whistle and calmly calling GayMattFromMelrose on his cell to tell him that "a toxic substance" has been released into the air. "Where's the air conditioning control panel?" asks Gael. Gay Matt from Melrose, who happens to know exactly where Gael is standing, tells Gael to reach to his left and flip a bunch of switches which will turn the air conditioning off. God, this hotel sucks. Not only is it a death trap, but there's no central air. Gael does this. Gay Matt asks Gael how bad the release of this toxic substance is. "Just taking precautions," says a brave Gael.

Elsewhere in the basement of Inn Fection, Bitchelle still has Alvers chained to some pipes. "How much of the V-I-R-U-S was released?" asks Bitchelle. "Enough to kill everyone in the building!" replies Alvers, sounding more like Grampa Simpson than the international chemist of terror that he's supposed to be. Bitchelle asks if there are any other vials planted in other locations. "Don't you get it?" asks Alvers. "We're all going to die!" After some more questioning from Bitchelle, Alvers admits that there are eleven other vials in L.A., but he doesn't know where they're planted. Bitchelle's phone rings. She has an agent-extra keep an eye on Alvers and goes into another room to answer it. It's Soul Patch. Bitchelle briefs him on the release of the V-I-R-U-S into Inn Fection's ventilation system moments before Gael was able to shut the air down. "Gael was in direct contact?" asks Soul Patch, not understanding that the agents entered the building without Hazmat protection. He repeats what we've all heard from previous episodes: that anyone injected with the Cordilla Virus will be symptomatic in fourteen hours and no one can leave the building. Hmmm. That doesn't sound right, does it? I mean, there are only nine episodes left in the season, right? Do we have to wait until next season to find out if Gael and Bitchelle are going to die?

Bitchelle informs Soul Patch about the eleven other vials planted elsewhere in the city. "Alvers told you this?" asks Soul Patch. "I just left him," says Bitchelle. "He could have been exposed to the V-I-R-U-S!" says Soul Patch. "How did he get outside the hotel?" Bitchelle informs him that Alvers is still in the basement. "Are you inside?" asks Soul Patch. Oops! Soul Patch orders her to get out of the hotel as soon as Health Services arrives. Bitchelle responds that there's no way she can leave, as there are only seven agents inside and a thousand guests who could go into panic mode at any moment. "I've been exposed," she says. "There's nothing anyone can do." They hang up.

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